Giveaway! Why Don’t YOU Have an Automatic Litter Box?

by on Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

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I know you don’t want to deal and touch a cat box more than you have to. The ScoopFree self-cleaning litter box is the perfect solution.

Is there anything more annoying than cleaning out a cat box? Well, I’m sure there are some things that are more annoying – but it’s still definitely a major pain! As someone who’s has lived with both a cat and a dog I also know that a dog will (an eww moment is about to happen – brace yourself) go into the cat box and eat what’s there because of the protein content. So, keeping that box clean is not only important to ensure your cat uses it (cats are neat freaks) but in keeping your dog from being super-de-duper gross!

Enter, the ScoopFree Automatic Litter Box, which is a great self-cleaning litter box for your cat(s). After your cat has used the box a rake will go across the box and sweep the waste into a covered area. You never have to touch the stuff, because you throw away the tray. And the trays you buy have pretty blue Fresh Step® Crystals which will contain odor better than that normal, ugly litter. This means you can put this cat box anywhere – it won’t smell, and it’s actually pretty cute with it’s purple color! (You can even buy a version with a hood for privacy and to make sure the cat doesn’t paw anything out out of the box, and no one has to see anything going on in there.) I know, I know, only cat owner’s could call a cat box cute, huh? But these are the kinds of things that responsible cat owner’s have to think about!

I received the ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter box to review with Shopcat. What’s special about this version of the ScoopFree Self-Cleaning litter boxes is that there is the privacy hood, you can have the rake timed to go across at different intervals, and it’ll even count the number of times the box is used. You might wonder why on earth you’d want to know how many times your cat has used the box – and it’s because you can track your cat’s health, and also more easily track when it’s time to replace the litter tray. It’s like having a perpetual post-it that reminds you of things.

As you can guess, you do plug this litter box into an outlet. But if you’re worried the motion will scare the cat – don’t! The rake stops if your cat ever enters the box. Gratefully, the  raking mechanism is quiet and not disturbing –  and unlike other automatic litter boxes the rake returns to its starting point (making sure the litter gets redistributed instead of piled at one end).

I was worried about assembling it  because I’m not really good at assembling things. But I still managed to do it (I didn’t take a victory lap, but I did have a victory Diet Coke)! I was way more worried than I should have been.  I never had to call up anyone at all, except to gloat. The hardest part was making sure I took away all of the packing materials used to pack it safely. I’d left these little green hooks on the bottom because I thought they were part of the unit, but they weren’t. Once you do that, you really just make sure the litter tray is inside the unit (there’s magnetic snaps that help) and you plug the unit in. Voila.

Shopcat did seem intimidated about getting into the thing, so I used the suggestions of putting some of the crystals in her old litter box, and some of the normal litter in the new box. I also kept the hood off at first. Other than getting your cat adjusted to the new box, the only con about this litter box would be that you  do have to buy the special trays with the crystals and magnetic snaps, and they’ll cost you about $15.00 a pop. But for many people, that’s an expense they’re willing to pay to save them the trouble of dealing with the cat box on a daily basis.

This litter box comes packaged in a big ol’ box, which means while I assembled it Shopcat got to play in a box! Yea, she was noooo help.  Psh!If you’re looking for a self-cleaning litter box, I would highly recommend ScoopFree’s version.

The carpet just looks weird because of the flash/lights.

The carpet just looks weird because of the flash/lights.

Shop the site: ScoopFree

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Good luck to all of you smart ladies, and have a sparkling day of genuine smiles. You KNOW that you deserve it. XO – Jessica, Eve, Nancy, Shopcat and Shopdog

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