FroliCat BOLT Interacative Laser Toy Review & Giveaway

by on Thursday, December 24th, 2009

best cat toy

The BOLT thoroughly impressed me, and faithfully entertained my cat beyond my expectations.

Shopcat isn’t the first cat I’ve ever owned. My family growing up had three other cats for long periods of time. I say this so you know that I’ve bought and tried plenty of cat toys. You see, I was recently sent the BOLT Interactive Laser Toy by FroliCat to review, and I can wholeheartedly say that this is one of the best cat toys I’ve ever used.

It's difficult to see the red dot in this picture, but I'd wanted to include this gorgeous pillowcase that my friend, Kerstin, made for me!

It's difficult to see the red dot in this picture because of the fabric folding, but I'd wanted to include this gorgeous pillowcase that my friend, Kerstin, made for me!

Many cat toys leave your arm tired from playing, so companies  invented all of these other toys that are meant to let your cat play by itself. In my experience? Those ‘hooked over the doorknob’ toys never work or capture a cat’s interest. Those toys are a waste of money.

But the BOLT is completely fun for me to use when playing with Shopcat (you just hold it and move it around a bit to aim it different places), and also works as a babysitter if she wants to play alone as I’m trying to work dutifully on the blog! This s the toy that cats love even if you’re not there to help play. But the toy goes off after 15 minutes, so you needn’t worry that your cat will play to the point of exhaustion. (And I’m a worrywort, I always worry about things like that!)

bolt shopcat

Shopcat loooooves the BOLT, and when I turn it off she goes hunting for the red laser like it has escaped her! The instant I turn it on she gets excited.

The automatic function that lets you turn it on for 15 minutes and move the laser dot on its own causes a noise to happen. Shopcat is skittish, but it didn’t bother her at all! Success! I was so glad the noise didn’t freak her out.

If you want to give a new cat toy a chance, I would absolutely recommend trying this toy. I openly and earnestly would recommend the BOLT to any cat owner.

Shop the site: FroliCat

Giveaway: ONE (1) winner(s) will receive a FroliCat BOLT Interactive Laser Toy courtesy of Brilliant Pet .


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Good luck to all of you smart ladies, and have a sparkling day of genuine smiles. You KNOW that you deserve it. XO – Jessica, Eve, Nancy, Shopcat and Shopdog

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