Review: DK Cat Modern Cat Perch with Scratching Post

by on Friday, July 2nd, 2010

One of the few problems with being the owner of a cat (because let’s face it, they’re easier than dogs) is that a lot of the toys or furniture are ugly. Seriously, ugly! And who wants that? The more you are into interior design and decorate (and the more time you invest in finding just the right new lamp or sheets) the more you’ll dislike having to put something in your apartment/bedroom/home for your cat if it’s made of cheap products and stands out in a room full of otherwise hand-picked items. I’m very much a fan of keeping things pretty, and I know that when it comes to cat trees,  cat scratchers or cat perches – there is a limited amount of items where design is as important as function. That’s where DK Cat comes into play.

Dani Kilmer has given the website for her eco-friendly modern cat furniture products the perfect tagline: “The features your cat loves…in a style you can love!” The products are classic, with modern touches, and handcrafted with sustainable materials. Right now you can purchase Cat Trees, Cat Scratching Posts, or Cat Scratching Lounges. Combing the best of all three of those elements is how the new Cat Perch was designed. That’s what I was sent to review (well, to have shopcat review!)

Modern Perch with Scratching Post

For every item, you can pick between blonde wood or chocolate-colored wood, and your fabric choices are tan, gray, or striped. Because shopcat is a fluffy gray cat, I picked the blonde/striped option. The wooden platforms are made from bamboo plywood, and the rest of the items are made from reclaimed hardwood, all-natural sisal, and cleanable, recyclable carpet tiles.

I’ve come to learn that I don’t need to be super gentle when picking up and transporting the perch from room to room, it’s well-made. Which is also great for Shopcat, because she’s tried perches that wobble – and they scare her! There’s no wobbling here. None. That’s not just ideal, it’s the only way to go if you want to purchase a cat perch. Your cat isn’t dumb, she isn’t going to climb up something that seems unstable.

The aesthetics of the scratching post is something your cat may not realize she appreciates. The natural sisal rope is wound up the vertical post in a pattern that looks nice, but also provides your cat is three different sensations to claw against.

Modern Perch with Scratching Post

* Available in four color schemes (see product specs)
* Unique, hand-wrapped sisal rope textures add longevity and visual appeal. For chocolate wood finish, select dark manila rope stripes (shown) or light natural sisal rope.
* Off-center post location allows room for lounging as well as horizontal scratching (weight of thick bamboo plywood in base ensures stability)
* Window sill height

As with anything, a 3-in-1 combo works great, instead of buying a scratching post, a lounging/vertical scratching area, and a tall cat perch – it’s all in this one item. I keep this near windows, becuase Shopcat likes to climb up and be tall. This is especially helpful for windows that are taller (ergo, perch!)

Shopcat moves like a ballerina. (I spread catnip on the bottom of the perch.)

I’ve had a problem in that Shopcat keeps loving to scratch up the arms of arms and couches (I’ve not been trimming her nails, for fear she’ll get outside and need to defend herself!) but so far, I can’t get her to use any vertical scratching post. I’m using catnip and treats, and hopefully I’ll get her to start using that. If you know your cat does not and will not (or doesn’t need) a scratching post, this wouldn’t be the right pick for you. But if your cat loves to sit up high to look out windows, try the DK Cat Trees.

Dani (from DK Cat) told me I should try putting doublestick tape on the places Shopcat has been scratching, and I think I will. Cats don’t like that feeling on their claws, so it should dissuade her – which is great since I’ve run out of that Boundary spray! She does have some of those cheap cardboard horizontal scratchers, but they get used up fast. Anyway, I loved that Dani was so willing to talk about cats with me, not trying to promote herself, just one fellow cat lover/owner to another. You can tell that she’s an animal lover who just wants to live in a world of beauty. Sign me up.

Shop: DK CAT

Disclosure: I was, as stated, provided with this item to review.

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