Dressing Cats in Outfits is APPARENLTY the Fastest Way to be Clawed to Near Death

by on Friday, April 30th, 2010

dressing up cats This picture is EXHIBIT A of why you cannot dress up cats in outfits. They do not like it the way a dog will sometimes put up with the same shenanigans. The picture to the left is of my friends cat, who was less than amused at being dressed up for a celebration.

In my experience with shopcat, buying anything that you know goes against the nature of a cat (like a leash/harness) will always be met with frustration and a waste of money.

Larger pic after the jump, because you KNOW you’ve got to see this cutie closer up.

dressing up cats

Do you dress your cat or dog up in outfits? Does it go over well?

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