The 5 best Cat Toys ever (cat-tested and cat-approved)

by on Sunday, March 23rd, 2014

Loyal readers of know I own two cats. And I’ve bought well more than my fair share of toys for them. Some of them have been great, and some of them have been so bad I’d gone and returned them the next day. (Especially stuff at Walgreens that is “as seen on TV.” Blech.) And today, I am sharing with you the 5 best cat toys I’ve ever seen any cats as never getting tired of, and always enjoying.

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The 5 Best Cat Toys

Best Cat Toys #1 – The Cat Dancer

Wanna know the good news? Not only do 95% of cats love this toy, but it’s really inexpensive (coming in at under four dollars, you can’t afford not to get one.) It is basically a bouncy wire (springed steel) with a few cardboardy pieces that are rolled into small logs. My younger cat never, ever tires of this toy. She’ll play as long as I’m willing to. She will also lead me to the toy on the floor, then sit and look at me. Her eyes TELL me that it’s time to play. (Available on Amazon for $3.50)

Best Cat Toys #2 – Felted cat balls

I stumbled upon this when I took up felting. (It’s really easy.) And one of the things I made to test out stuff was a round ball. Well, this turned out to be the best toy for cats. It’s super lightweight, bouncy, and you can make them in different sizes (and patterns!) I always see this being moved around, so I know the cats are playing with it. I’m always trying to find a great ball to have around the house…but some are too loud with bells, or too big/small…there’s always a reason why one doesn’t work out. But making my own with felting has been the best thing ever. Again, these are inexpensive, even if you have to buy one on Etsy. (Or at least they should be inexpensive, I don’t know what people are charging.) I do know that there is a book that tells you that you can use actual cat hair for felting anything, but I feel like that’s a bit odd…and I just use felting wool. I guess I’m not all that adventurous 😛

Best Cat Toys #3 – Doorways

Guess what? You have these already, so this is free! Cats. Love. Doors. Doors and doorways, rather. If you close a bathroom door, doesn’t your cat usually try to get in? Maybe wave a paw under it? Cats …they love doors. Whether you’re using a toy in between the crack/hinge area, or playing with toys under the door…doors are very useful. Personally, I find that my cats prefer the under-the-door tricks. They love not being seen as they lunge at a moving toy that disappears and reappears at whim.

Best Cat Toys #4 – Newspapers

Here’s another thing that’s cheap. If you don’t get a newspaper delivered, ask anyone you know. Or buy one, and save the rest of it. A paper is like, what, three dollars? Anyway, cats love these. They love the sound. Spread the sheets out. They’ll sit on them. They like hearing them ripped. They like toys hidden under them, or if you put them over them…or make tunnels…or…. (you get the idea.)

Best Cat Toys #5 – Cardboard (Boxes or other)

Again, this is all about sound. Cats love that sound. And they love to jump into boxes. Out of boxes. Again…you get the idea. A cardboard box is their fortress of choice.

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