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by on Saturday, December 19th, 2009

great cat toyAs a pet owner, I adore giving my pets treats and toys. I recently learned about the website for Bamboo Pet and Fat Cat, and the company graciously sent Shopcat and Shopdog some products so that we can see how they like them. And because we ended up loving this stuff so much, we’re Zoom stuffers Toys_purpledoing a giveaway so that you guys can win some products!

Shopcat has gone just about flippin’ CRAAAZY for this Zoom Stuffers Catnip Toy that’s shaped like a funny-looking, cute-tastic bunny. The bunny has a pair of shorts on (with a carrot design – because this bunny is stylin’!), and there are these really amazing catnip “pods” included (2) which are little satchels of organic catnip. You stuff the pods into the bunny’s pants! Now, I’ve stood in aisles and looked over cat toys. You may have seen pictures of Shopcat where there’s a little green sock toy? That toy is supposed to be a catnip toy and it has a little bell. But Shopcat doesn’t like it at all. I suspect because the catnip isn’t accessible. Who knows. When I bought that green sock toy it was a waste of my money. But you’d never waste money on this Kitty Hoots toy. I’m not lying – she went CRAZY for it. She loved it like I haven’t seen her love a toy in a long while. She naps with it, then wakes up and acts amazed that it’s there with her. It makes her so happy that I fear to take it away from her would promote a nervous breakdown!

We have never seen Shopcat
love on a toy like this!

shopcat zoom

shopcat zoom 2

shopcat disguise

shopcat mine

Shopdog might not know this, but I hate picking up her…uh…you know! When we walk? Yea. Come on. I’m trying to seem dignified here 😛 (Poop!) It’s annoying to carry around a random bag because they’re so big and sometimes the wind knocks them away from me and I have to chase after them in a really ungraceful jog. So we (read: I)  really love the Bamboo Pet Disposable waste bags & dispenser. The bags are easy to tie to close, and naturally eliminate that unfortunate ‘waste’ odor by using “Arm & Hammer® Baking Soda, plus a soft scent”.  The scent is lavender, and I can seriously smell it – it’s very nice.

dog waste bags

And did I mention that the entire thing attaches easily to just about anything from a leash or bag? If you have kids (other than your pets), this could be clipped onto something you have on the stroller. I think it works great attached to the leash.It’s a small little attachment, actually cute, and I was able to figure out how it works (you just pull the bags out from the opening – hah!) in under a minute. Oh! And it’s light, so it doesn’t clunk around or feel annoying to carry along. You can also use these for cats if your cat gets furballs and sometimes throws up – and you need to pick it up without touching it.

cat brushShopcat is feeling neglected so let’s talk about something else that SHE got sent. The FurBuster® cat de-shedding tool & blade works really well. Because shopcat has short hair, I usually just brush her with a soft brush (which she never ever, ever, ever likes). But I was amazed by two things: She didn’t fight me off like a ninja when I used this de-shedding brush, and it actually removed a lot of her excess ‘fluff’. And yes, I’m a dork and I roll the fluff in my hand and throw it at her to see what she makes of it. (But then I take it away, I wouldn’t let her try to lick and eat it up or anything.) The blade of the comb doesn’t both her at all and I’ll admit – it’s fun for me to use. Eliminating some of her fur also helps make it easier for me to vacuum. And since I’m a bit of a neat freak? That’s very helpful!

dog clippers

If you’re looking a pair of quality, safe dog nail clippers or qualify, safe cat nail clippers, the Bamboo Pet site offers those as well.

Shop the sites for great cat and dog products. For any product on Bamboo Pet, you can enter your zip code and then quickly a map is pulled up for you to show you what pet stores in your area carry that item. Even stores like Target and Wal-Mart carry Bamboo Pet products. That’s great for me because then I can go to Target and buy myself treats (Starbursts, mm), and some for my animals too.  Then I come home and EVERYONE is happy! It’s like I’m Santa.

Bamboo Pet makes great-quality items for pets, and Fat Cat makes me just as happy as it makes my cat!

Bamboo Pet runs a Pet of the Month Contest, go enter!

Giveaway: TWO (2) winners will receive a Zoom Stuffers toy and Disposable Waste Bag product courtesy of Fat Cat and Bamboo Pet.


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Mandatory First Entry – Share!: Tell me the name of your pet(s)! Then go to one of the websites and tell me what item they’d love to get (other than what I’ve already mentioned here).

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USA residents 18+ only, no P.O boxes. Winner chosen by The winner(s) will be e-mailed. The winner is picked on December 29th, 2009!

Good luck to all of you smart ladies, and have a sparkling day of genuine smiles. You KNOW that you deserve it. XO – Jessica, Eve, Nancy, Shopcat and Shopdog

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