Anna Sui: Target Collection Picks

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

anna sui dresses

Anna Sui for Target Mohair Cardigan – Heather Grey $50. But is it too shapeless? It looks cute, but you can’t really belt it… or can you?

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Look Thinner with Colorblock Dresses and Colorblock Skirts

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

colorblock dresses on sale

The use of colorblock in clothing is genius. It can really trick the eye into making you look a lot more thin and shapely than you are. I was realizing this the other day when Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) was wearing a colorblock dress on Gossip Girl and it made her waist look so nipped and fit. When you type or say colorblocking enough times, it starts looking and sounding weird. But the actual color blocking effect? It’s genius!

How does colorblocking work? Visual magic! It uses blocks of color to shape you. As you know, white looks larger and black makes things look smaller. But more than that, you can actually sculpt the form using wide lines or thin lines of color down the middle of a dress. Be smart: color block!

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Alyson Hannigan Gives a Cat Tip! Soft Claws for Cats

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

soft claws

Alyson Hannigan's cat. "Here is the tail eater!" From Hannigan's @alydenisof

Alyson Hannigan (Buffy, How I Met Your Mother) has a Twitter account, and I’m so glad she does because she is one of the sweetest celebrities EVER. She was recently talking about Halloween and tweeted, “My cat is making it hard to decorate for Halloween. She is eating the tails off paper rats. It’s like she KNOWS they are rats!!!” Adorable! And she then posted a picture of her cat, which shows the black rats that she was putting on her steps. I love those Halloween decorations ... Read More

Bargain News! Sweater Dresses on Sale

Monday, October 26th, 2009

sweaterdresses on sale

I love sweater dresses. But sweaters are expensive. And dresses are expensive. So much sweater dresses are – you must be a genius because you guessed it – expensive. But I worked to find you sweater dresses on sale for under $100.

Sweater dresses for fall are perfect to wear all the time. You can also wear them for winter, these sweater dresses are great with boots and tights.  Sweater dresses and tights? Love it. Sweater dresses and boots? Love it.

Victoria’s Secret is loaded with sweater dresses, but most of them are 1) Way too form fitting/sexy to want to wear without being self-conscious, 2) Way too expensive! This is why Victoria’s Secret Sweater Dresses are mostly a no-go for me. However I did find one that I like a lot and included down below, it’s a gorgeous chocolate brown color and looks like it would move well. It has enough detail to make it interesting, but it’s all in a solid color so you can layer it with accessories like crazy (rings, tights, boots, hats, whatever).

Bargain news! Sweater dresses for women:

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The New-ish, Easy Way to Wash Your Face at Night

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

washing your face

Soap Bubble by squigglycircle on Flickr

Do you wash your face before bed or do you sleep with your makeup on? TSK TSK! Yes, these are some judgmental eyes looking at you as I ask that. But ONLY out of judgmental love! I swear. Because it’s not just makeup you’re leaving on your face… it’s GRIME and OIL! Who wants that soaking into their face for 8 hours? Not me. And not you. I know you don’t, because you’re smart and sweet and you always lend a dollar to your friend at the office for a Diet Coke. See, I know you. And I used to be you. *Cue cheesy music*

It’s true, I used to not wash my face before bed. You couldn’t pay me too. I actually eliminated mascara from my routine because that was the one reason that would make me feel like I HAD to wash my face at night. Otherwise I would just go around doing this and that, and then poof down into bed and sleep while listening to Sarah McLachlan ... Read More

Get Younger Looking Skin in Under Two Weeks

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

younger looking skin

"How young do I look now?!" Picture by madcitycat on Flickr.

I happen to LOATHE Dr. Oz. Most of his shows are about freaking people out on a daily basis about toxic mold or whatever else ‘could’ be affecting your health but usually isn’t. Unless you want to live in a perpetual state of fear, I suggest staying away from watching his show daily. But that’s just me. And today I watched his show, anyway. (Nothing else was on!)

Today he had a segment on his show about how to look younger in nine days. I have no idea why he picked nine days, so I’m saying ten – it’s a better number. What tips did he offer? He had Dr. Amy Wechsler on the show talking about her book The M ... Read More

Hey You – You Use Too Much Shampoo!

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

good shampoos

You guys, listen to me for a second. Or maybe more than a second. Ahem. A lot of you are using TOO MUCH of your shampoo and conditioner! It’s wasteful of the product and it’s making you have to buy more and more way too fast!I know that I fall prey to squeezing out too much shampoo/conditioner into my hands, but that’s why we must be vigilant!

“How much shampoo should I use?” About the size of a quarter if you have really long hair.  If you have short hair use a dime-sized amount of shampoo. Excess shampoo foam means you’ve just wasted a lot of the product. Yipes. Trust me, you aren’t THAT dirty.

“How much conditioner should I use?” Much less than you think! Just a dime-sized amount if you have medium-length hair.

Pureology hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner duo for $37.95. (max 2 deals p/order) @ Amazon $40 (Cheapest Duo Deal I could find!) This seems to be loved by people, with very high five star Amazon ratings. Interesting… I might need to check this out more.

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Wake Up with Orange Shower Gels

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

red flower orange

Oranges by audreyjm529 on Flickr.

We drink orange juice in the morning out of habit. But it might actually have more to it than that. That good ol’ Vitamin C is so important. And why is VC so good? Lots of studies show it can improve mental clarity and even your mood. Citrus fruits wake up your mind. They can also wake up your body. And even the aroma of a citrus fruit will work.

I hate waking up early, but the one thing I know to do is drag myself into a hot shower right away. The one thing I’ve learned that can help me from just standing there under the water and ‘thinking’ is to use scented bodywash. Because otherwise I seriously will stand there for FAR too long, procrastinating even on washing my hair. It always reminds me of a scene from Family Ties where the youngest blonde daughter gets yelled at for taking such long showers and she announces, ... Read More

“How Do I Update My Look from Casual to Adult?”

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

anne taylor on sale

Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson on The O.C. - Oh, how I miss that show.

Style Question: I currently find myself dressing like my style inspiration is Adam Brody on The OC, with Chuck Taylors, jeans, and crazy t-shirts as my staples. I’m still constantly mistaken for a college student, even though I graduated 5 years ago! How can I make my look a little more grown up and feminine but keep it casual? – Kerstin

Style Advice: Finding a new style approach without losing your personality is the KEY when trying to adapt a new style. Anyone could easily tell you a million different things to wear (“Oh, just plop on a cashmere sweater and some channel earrings!), but I doubt you’d be happy in them. That’s why this is an interesting question. The world may make you feel like you have to automa ... Read More

Kristen Bell Beauty Secrets! Lip Tips from Kristen Bell

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Rosebud Salve

Kristen Bell

While doing Couples Retreat interviews with Jason Bateman, Kristen Bell said that she loves Rosebud Salve and the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Stick. While I love lip products with SPF (skin protecting filter!) I really adore Mary Kay Satin Lips, because it really makes my lips feel all moisturized. It moisturizes lips for 6 hours so it’s something to wear while you sleep, if like me, you sleep with a fan on. Then in the day you can wear your SPF lip balm products, yay!

If you aren’t afraid to take a trip to the past, Kristen Bell has also said to Marie Claire magazine that she loves C.O.Bigelow Mentha LipBalm. She said,”This has SPF and makes your breath smell nice.” And for over the lip balm? Fresh lip gloss in Sugar Desire and Fusion Beauty Lip Gloss. The latter one is expensive fo ... Read More


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