How to Shop Black Friday Deals Online

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

Photo by vintagehalloweencollector on Flickr

I never bother going out to shop on Black Friday because really, who needs the stress of that hassle? My skin looks pale in 4 a.m. moonlight! However…shopping online on Black Friday? …Yea, I could do that. has compiled a list of online tips to save on this upcoming Black Friday. Three of their Black Friday tips I found to be pretty handy!

Does Thanksgiving now feel less about a holiday of its own, and more about loading up on a big meal to start shopping? Photo by vintagehalloweencollector on Flickr

1.They suggest checking the Internet at midnight on Thanksgiving to see if deals are already live. And don’t waste time and procrastinate just because the deals are online – often Black Friday online deals will expire later that day!

2. Don’t be fooled by what looks like a good deal because something is X percent off. “A larger percentage off a ... Read More

Hello Kitty is Forever Your Bestie

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

hello kitty

Just when you thought they’d exhausted all possible options for Hello Kitty to be adorable…they do THIS!

That’s right, what you’re currently oogling are Hello Kitty Build-A-Bear’s! I can’t take credit for this find, because I saw this tweeted by The Office Stylist. I couldn’t resist sharing these with you guys. The dolls are $20.00 and the outfits are between $3 and $15. Go now- build a kitty! You can also buy the Hello Kitty bears already stuffed on Amazon.

+ Tan Hello Kitty + White Hello Kitty + Hello Kitty Doll Slippers – OMG! + ... Read More

Kelli Diane Designs ‘Sheyla Clutch’ Review and Giveaway

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

red clutch on sale

With dedication and a passionate spirit, Kelli D. Turner has turned her dream into reality with Kelli Diane Designs. She creates handbags for us based on her extensive history of loving and often buying every sort of purse she could afford (which is not always exactly easy when you’re in college and living on Ramen Noodles – I know this). But like any woman knows, as you get older your craving for quality increases. Turner realized that she wanted to spend her time doing something she had a genuine passion for doing. Enter, her love affair with bags! Merging fashionable vision with care, Turner makes handbags to covet. (Especially like the charmingly classic Uptown Hobo in brown, seen above.)

Merging fashionable vision with care, Turner makes handbags to covet.

The She’s Smart Appeal: It’s probably not a MAJOR surprise for you all to learn that I love all sorts of purses – from big bags to clutches. I pretty much want them all! I even once bought a shockingly bright patent leather lavender hobo bag with special trim that I almos ... Read More

WIN Jimmy Choo’s & Support Project Pep!

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

jimmy choo shoes

Jimmy Choo is helping raise both awareness and moola for AIDS victims with their new campaign. Jimmy Choo is working with the Elton John AIDS Foundation for this project, and what they’re doing is having a photo competition. This is for Project PEP, a charity collection that will be donating 25% of sales to the Simelela Rape Centre in South Africa.

The money goes towards providing the HIV-preventative treatment PEP (which must be taken within 72 hours of exposure to HIV) and counselling to victims of rape in South Africa, which has the highest count of rape in the world.

So how do you enter? Head on over to Jimmy Choo 72. The theme for the photos is ‘You, Your Shoes and 72’. (Why is 72 the number?) Upload a photo based on that theme and you could win “the ultimate Jimmy Choo experience”.  Over 100 winners will be chosen, and they’ll all win something from the PEP collection. The lucky grand prize winner will get 7 pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes and 2 Jimmy Choo bags, plus stylist advice when picking them.

... Read More

Amazing Discount Codes for Kohl’s

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

elle bags

The folks over at have let us know about some great coupons/deals for Kohl’s that are going on. You probably already know that Kohl’s is having sales in the store anyway, but bonus ways to save are killer. Check out the entire Kohl’s Coupons page to see all of the deals. If you click ‘more’ next to the coupons they’ll tell you a code to type in at the checkout.

Kohl’s coupons offered include:

– 15% off entire order with Kohl’s card (expires in 7 days) – Up to 80% off on final clearance items (expires in 7 days) – 15% off order of $100 or more is one of the only coupon sites that makes building relationships directly with top retailers a top priority. This means that many deals are really excellent exclusives developed especially for that can’t be found anywhere else. also checks every single deal to make sure it’s legit and works, which means that we are a safe haven for some of the top deals on the Web!

I might take advantage of the coupons to pick up a handbag or clutch…(would it be wrong to get all three of these?!)

... Read More

Kristen Bell Gives Us a Hairdo Idea

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

kristen bell when in rome hair

I used to have a scrapbook of cute hair ideas using magazine pulls that I’d arrange in a binder. Yea…I’m kind of weird. (Is it weird I also had fashion, decor, and makeup idea binders?) But, whatever! It’s helpful. Sometimes you forget what to do with your hair other than the basic things you ALWAYS do. One hairdo I like that is SO easy to do is something that Kristen Bell has actually worn on the illustrious red carpet.

The technique for the hairstyle is to pull up the middle front section of your hair and clip it – either to the side or straight back. (This is a great hairstyle to use for showing off earrings.) Then you collect the remaining hair and pull it all over to the side and loop it there. You can make it really casual by just using an elastic band and looping your hair in a half pony-tail. If you curl your hair first the entire effect will look a bit fancier. And you can also use one of those fabric flowers on an elastic band to make it look great.

A variation on this is to pull your hair back in a clip as I already said, and then separate the remaining hair into low pigtails anchored to the front, under your ears.

Yet ANOTHER variation is to use a headband instead of clipping the top part of your hair back. Follow as ... Read More

Actresses Alia Shawkat and Scar Jo for Rachel Antonoff

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

rachel antonoff

Designer Rachel Antonoff has one (1!) dress on sale at Target right now. At least it’s a great dress. Antonoff has gotten her actress pal Alia Shawkat to be in the campaign for her spring collection. The video stars Shawkat and Jack Antonoff (Steel Train and Fun) who re-enact the scene “Top That” which was seen in the movie Teen Witch. Trivia time? Teen Witch starred Blake Lively‘s sister Robyn Lively.

+ Rachel Antonoff Lace Dress @ Target $89.99

Alia Shawkat has been in a campaign for Rachel Antonoff before. It was super cute (as you can see b ... Read More

chicBuds Retractable Earphones Review & Giveaway

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

chic buds contest

The She’s Smart Appeal: The earphones for my iPod tend to get all tangled, and since I love ORDER – it really bugs me. I try to keep them wound nicely when they’re not in use, but my efforts never really pay off. That’s why I was glad when I discovered chicBuds, because they offer retractable earphones that you can carry around easily without looking like a spaz (even if, like me – you actually are quite spazzy!).

Retractable, decorative earphones to accessorize your music habit, whether it be with an iPod, portable CD player or your personal computer (for cell phones, see chicBabies). chicBuds are detailed with genuine Swarovski Crystals transforming, what was once simply functional, into ear candie.

Available in five delicious flavors… ah, colors: Blueberry, Grape, Watermelon, Sour Apple and Marshmallow! – chicBuds Website

Not only do chicBuds make this cool product (the kind we’ve needed for years!) but they’re dedicated to being stylish. And hello, that’s something I can definitely get on board with at any time! The entire company is geared towards stylish women and girls who ... Read More

Taylor Swift is a Dollface

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

taylor swift singing doll

Taylor Swift Performance Collection “Our Song” Singing Doll $44

If I was a younger gal, I would freak out over these cute little Taylor Swift dolls. I mean, they sing and they have super cute outfits. My favorite doll is the “Our Song” doll with the blue dress. That’s the concert where John Mayer came out and played with her – I do know that much!

“When I was a little girl, I dreamed of becoming a country music star and having my very own fashion doll line,” Taylor says of plastic venture. “Now it’s come true! I can’t wait to see little girls play with my doll and rock out with my crystal guitar.” – Taylor Swift

Given how popular Taylor Swift is, I suspect the Taylor Swift dolls will be a hot Christmas gift for girls. If you plan to get one, buy it sooner rather than later. No one wants to live out some version of a bad Christmas movie where parents are fighting over the last toy in a store. Then ... Read More

How do I wear Tassel Necklaces?

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

tassel necklace

Bold is a major jewelry trend movement right now and one of the ways to incorporate that bold feeling into your jewelry is by wearing a tassel necklace. Luckily, tassel necklaces have different varieties, so you can still show off your personal style with them (because no one wants you to be a clone, especially not me). Wear tassel necklaces long and large, if possible. A good, iconic tassel necklace is something you can wear several days a week and you will never be sick of it.

How do you wear a tassel necklace? Good question! (Don’t you love when your curiosity is rewarded like that? I do.) Because these are so bold, such statement necklaces in their own way you can pair them with knits (knit dresses, knit sweaters) and heavy sweaters (sweaterdresses, bulky sweaters that you always think about throwing out). The long length of a tassle necklace will draw the eye down vertically, so pretty much the worst thing you could do is try to wear some sort of striped top. Vertical stripes will compete with it and horizonal stripes will confuse people. Necklaces can be a little tricky here, scoop necks, boat necks, v-necks…pretty much any of these can work depending on the material of your top. V-necks are the easiest sort of top to pair tassel necklaces with though, in my opinion. This is because the necklace makes sort of a ‘V’ shape.

You’re on your own in deciding between a gold tassel necklace or silver tasse ... Read More


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