MicroPedi Review by Emjoi – (THE best way to soften rough feet) – An A+ product!

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

how to soften rough feet

I just found my latest secret weapon for my beauty arsenal. And, yes, I’m going to share it with you. But if you don’t give much thought to taking your tired, dry and scaly feet and making them supple, soft and feel amazing in under a matter of minutes, then I guess you don’t need to read this. šŸ˜‰ Yes, I’m grinning… how did you know that? It’s because I am so happy that I can give this product an A+ grade. I mean, often I sniff out amazing things that will get an A, but an A+? That’s near perfection. But I found it in the MicroPedi by Emjoi. Remember that name!

The MicroPedi is basically a foot buffer. It’s like a pumice stone activated by the Energizer Bunny. It answers the age old question (I’m sure even cavewomen asked this) of how to soften rough feet.

ShesSmart.com Pro’s | MicroPedi Review

This product WORKS. It’s easy to use, and it’s fast. No more pumice stones or egg shavers needed… this does all the work for you. And you know how you’d expect a product like this to accumulat ... Read More

BlackSocks.com Review – These socks simply work

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

blacksocks.com review

My Dad wears black socks M-F, and when they start getting worn thin on the soles he won’t always throw them out like he should. This drives me crazy when I see it. When socks are not working anymore, you need to ditch them and get new ones.

When the opportunity arose to do a review with BlackSocks.com there was no question in my mind that I wanted my Dad to do it. No one that I know wears more black socks than he does.

He received:

The Best Selling Men’s Calf Socks in Black Merino Wool Dress Socks from Blacksocks

What is the site about?

Well, duh, they’re about black socks. They’ve been in business 12+ years, putting socks on 60,000 men in 75 countries. That’s three million socks that they’ve delivered. Clearly, they’re doing something right. They’re not just getting this feature on ShesSmart.com, but also The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Business Week, Details, CBS News, and NPR.

They offer a Sockscription, which is cool. Plus, there’s Smarter Socks. You ca use an App to track where every sock is (none shall be eaten by the washer, muahaha!) and also know if they are as black as they should be. Now this isn’t for everyone. My Dad? Not someone who cares too mu ... Read More

Because spying + shopping is cool: TheShelf.com

Monday, November 19th, 2012

the shelf

If you could see exactly what all your friends are buying, wouldn’t you want to take a little sneak peek?

Well, that’s one of the things you get with TheShelf.com.

We’ve (this means you!) been asked to give some input on this new site. It’s in beta testing right now. This means that if you want it do something, you just have to suggest it and it might happen. Your opinions will help shape it, and if it’s a site you and others use in the future then you’ll be so happy that you did. You can see my thoughts below, and then hopefully you’ll offer your own two cents!

This is what I like about the site:

  • You can share your shelves of actual items you’re going to purchase with other friends, and they can help you decide what to get.
  • When an item goes on sale inĀ  your size, you’ll get an alert.
  • You can stay organized.
  • It lets you organize your promo codes.
  • Possibly better than an Amazon Wish List for the fashionis ... Read More

Lavera Organic Skin Care Reviews: a mattifying moisturizer (A+!) and gentle face wash

Monday, November 12th, 2012

mattifying moisturizer

The Lavera line makes high-end organic skincare. This review covers their Lavera Mattifying Balancing Cream and Lavera Invigorating Cleaning Gel. I liked both, but the Mattifying Balancing Cream really stood out to me as an amazing product.


Mattifying Lavera Natural Cosmetics Faces Balancing Cream with Calendula Review

With a combination skin tone, you better believe I struggle with finding a moisturizing that isn’t overly oily. For a long time, I’ve used the affordable and widely beloved Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer. And the big deal about this post is that the Lavera Balancing Cream was so good it might one day replace my daily Neutrogena fix. I love the consistency of this lotion. The lotion gets absorbed immediately into my skin, which is not something Neutrogena does. (I think perhaps the “thickening agent” Xanthan Gum helped.) And my face never felt greasy or oily while wearing this moisturizer. Plus, it has a delicious citrus smell that is like a creamsicle. I don’t currently have this scent in any other beauty products, so it’s especially refreshing. My tip would be that a little does not go a long way, and that you have to be careful not to squeeze too much o ... Read More

20+ Different Ways to Use Q-Tips (Precision Tips!)

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

q-tips precision tips

I’m gonna let you guys know about the brand NEW Q-tipsĀ® Precision Tipsā„¢ cotton swabs.

Q-tipsĀ® Precision Tipsā„¢ are soft and gentle and are perfect for tasks that require a little more precision.

Made from 100% pure cotton Q-tipsĀ® Precision TipsĀ® are soft and gentle ā€“ making them an affordable and clean alternative to a makeup brush or sponge. Additionally, there are many beauty uses for Q-tipsĀ® Precision TipsĀ® you might not be aware of ā€“ from using them to apply shimmer powder to the apple of the cheeks to helping maximize the life of your lipstick – the uses are endless.

Designed with pointed tips at both ends, they are the perfect addition to your beauty tool kit. Whether you want to apply eye shadow with true precision or are looking to perfect your manicure, once you use Q-tipsĀ® Precision TipsĀ®, you will never look back.

Additionally, Q-tipsĀ® Precision TipsĀ® recently won TotalBeauty.comā€™s Editor Pick for ā€œBest Beauty Toolā€ and were also named ā€œBest Personal Care Itemā€ in Star Magazineā€™s Beauty Awards. – Press Release

... Read More

My Dukan Diet Online Coaching Review

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

dukan diet coaching reviews

Everything you need to know to determine if it’s worth it for you and your Dukan Diet!

I received a free Dukan Coaching account. The people are so nice. You can e-mail your coach at any time. That’s like having a personal nutritionist, except they are experts in the Dukan Diet. Intead of googling “can I eat this” or “how many tablespoons of this can I have per day” I could just e-mail them. There was also a forum for support. I didn’t really use the form, I reached out to twitter!

To track your daily progress, you need a flexible tape measurer and a scale. The scale you probably have, but the flexible tape measurerĀ  you may not. Every night you fill out a questionnaire about what you ate (if you cheated and what foods you cheated with), your weight, your measurements (they have an easy guide to tell you where and how to measure) and what your motivation level is like. But you have to fill out it all or it won’t submit, meaning I had to find a way to measure my waist and stuff! I used one of my cats long string toys and then held it up to an old, vintage ruler I had and measured like that.

There is a Dukan shop. They don’t offer a lot, though. The oat bran is nice because they have recipes on the side of the box, but the box has n oflap to c ... Read More

My Dukan Diet Blog / Reviews and Opinions Part 2 ā€“ 2012 / 2013 (USA)

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

dukan diet reviews

My Dukan Diet reviews continue!

August 11, 2012

Dukan Diet Reviews – Day 3 on Attack

I woke up hungry and a little grouchy. I didn’t eat a lot this day because I was busy shopping and then I exercised a lot. Exercise makes me drink more water, and want to eat less. Which is pretty amazing. When I bike I imagine myself killing my depression, and building up some endorphins to make me happy. I realize that if I’ve been using food for comfort, boredom, happiness… I have to replace food with something else. I’m looking towards the things I like more than food like playing with my cats and giving them quality time, writing, reading, watching movies without snacks, being with friends, and shopping in brick and mortar places. (Even if I’m not buying stuff, I love to look around and get ideas for things. And now that I’m not spending money on going out to eat ever, I can spend that allotment on new earrings or something.)

Today I bought a new bike, it’s a big investment (had to buy a helmet, lock, basket, bell, mirror, water bottle, lights, heh!) and I am so glad I did it. I got a really nice bike that’s comfortable and cute and I know I’m going to get a lot of use out of it. My other bike was older and no where near as comfortable. And so, I na ... Read More

My Dukan Diet Blog / Review Opinions – 2012 (USA)

Monday, August 13th, 2012

dukan diet blogs 2012 usa

I’m very aware of different diets, having gone through a few different times with the Atkins Diet. And while the South Beach diet is supposed to be the easier version, there’s also the Dukan Diet. And while it’s a bit stricter than Atkins… it’s also what Kate Middleton and her Mom Carol Middleton used before the infamous royal wedding.

…If it’s good enough for Kate Middleton, it’s certainly good enough for me!

August 5, 2012

The plan was created by Dr. Pierre Dukan from France. It’s a program where carbs are a major no-no, as is fat and sugar. Instead, the focus is on lean protein, and later vegetables. There are four phases to the diet, which is a very smart way to let you start off very intensely and then move along and keep this diet up as you move through life. As someone with PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) carbs and sugar have always been an enemy of mine, so this is an ideal diet plan for me.

I did a lot of o ... Read More

Michael Angelo’s Gourmet Food = QUALITY

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

michael angelos gourmet food

This is supposed to be a review of the Michael Angelo Gourmet Food brand of frozen foods. However, none of the Walmart’s in my area carry it! Which is really a bummer, because I was excited to taste it. It was also going to be my last pasta meal before starting the Dukan diet! The press people thought it was available in all Walmarts, but sadly that isn’t true. I visited 2 Walmarts, one being a super store where the clerk’s said they specialize in a greater variety of frozen foods. Alas!

But I am still going to tell you about this brand, which I think looks very appealing. Why? Family owned, natural ingredients, and a very obvious commitment to being high quality. The meals are shipped to stores within 36 hours through their “made to order” process, this means these never sit in warehouses. They’re the freshest thing in the frozen aisle – and without the hassle of having to cook it all yourself!

And their ingredients are very specific. Like Vine-ripened tomatoes from Cardella Ranch, garlic from Christopher Ranch, spinach from the Metz Fresh Farm… they know exactly where they’re getting their stuff! In fact, Michael Angelo Renna and Sara Theresa Angello (his Mom and inspiration) visit the tomato fields themself!

” It ... Read More

How to Dress Like Hanna Marin from Pretty Little Liars

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

how to dress like hanna marin

You don’t need to have every exact item that Hanna Marin has, to know how to dress like this Pretty Little Liars character. Hanna Marin is played by Ashley Benson on the ABC Family show. Her style is girly, bright, tribal, and sexy. Incorporate bright dresses with flirty hemlines, posh bags with nice buckles, and high heels at all costs!

We’d love to know what items you own you think are completely a Hanna piece! Is it a sparkly sequined backpack? Mint green sheer knee high’s? How do you dress like Hanna Marin?

How to Dress like Hanna Marin from Pretty Little Liars:

Robert Rodriguez Color Blocked Layered Tee/Dress – This blue dress is fun and stylish with the black ribbon belt. Hanna might pair this with a straw tote for a summer day.

McQ Bustier Godet Top – This sexy, revealing bustier might not be appropriate for sc ... Read More


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