Emma Stone Jewelry: Style Guide

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

emma stone jewelry

Emma Stone has really flourished as a go-to movie star in the past couple of years. And her style has been really enviable.She’s worn a few piece of Dana Rebecca Designs jewelry to some key moments of her career recently. Let’s explore.

Emma Stone in the Shonna Drew earrings by Dana Rebecca Designs. (Two times!) While promoting The Help.

Emma Stone in the Elizabeth Ann Oval Onyx and Diamond ring.

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Purse from The Vow with Rachel McAdams (And Other Bags from the Movie)

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

the vow purse

Love the purse worn in The Vow? Take a look at it close-up!

Pictured: Flat Messenger Purse (Bag) from The Vow

Toronto based bag company Imperfect Indulgence is where this messenger bag comes from. Designer Ana Niculae created the design, and is thrilled to see Rachel McAdams use it in the movie.

This purse is listed as a bag for men! It has several pockets, an adjustable strap and is made from hand stained cow hide. It retails for $225.00.

The movie also shows off the Butterfly handbag and the Horseshoe Circular Tassel design, both from Imperfect Indulgence.

Red (Orange) Butterfly Purse:

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Weight Loss Hypnosis Reviews: BodyMind CD

Monday, February 13th, 2012

autosuggestion weight loss

With a particularly open mind, I agreed to listen to the BodyMind Weight Loss Hypnosis Mp3 (3 parts) and then share my thoughts. What is their claim? That through autosuggestion techniques, they can basically hypnotize you into losing weight. That’s a huge claim! I mean, man.

Note: You do not have to be as thin as the image above. This is just the one the site uses. I believe in making positive choices to be active and to eat healthy.

Of course, even the most skeptical has to agree that autosuggestion aka hypnosis is an actual psychological technique that has worked. And our subconscious mind truly is receptive to suggestions while we sleep. When I nap on my couch my dreams incorporate items from whatever was on the TV both before I fell asleep and also while I was asleep. And that can be funny, depending on what you’re watching.

So, weight loss hypnosis sounds like it’s crazy, but it really does have some merit. ... Read More

Mandy Moore Jewelry: Style Guide

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

mandy moore jewelry

Mandy Moore is a big fan of Dana Rebecca Designs and she’s worn the jewelry for many events. Take a look! She liks delicate pieces with diamonds and white gold. But she doesn’t back away from small doses of black bling.

Mandy Moore Style Guide for Jewelry

The Lauren Joy necklace.

Get the look for less!

  • Bling Jewelry .925 Sterling Silver CZ Circlet Pendant Necklace from Amazon, CLICK
  • Sterling Silver 925 Clear CZ Micro Pave Circle Pendant Necklace with Chain from Amazon, CLICK
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    Sugar Free Chocolate Box GIVEAWAY – Get Your Yum On!

    Friday, February 3rd, 2012

    sugar free chocolate gifts

    It’s never a bad time to try broadening your healthy eating options, so why not reduce sugar? You can still have chocolate. Yup!

    The Illinois Nut and Fantasia Chocolate Company is offering a ½ box of assorted Sugar Free Chocolates for one of our readers! Entering is easy! And make sure to check out my review, where I praised the Sugar Free Peanut Butter cups and the Sugar Free Caramel Squares.

    – Giveaway ends on February 13 2012

    We’re trying out rafflecopter! It should make it loads easier for you to enter this giveaway. This way you only have to be logged into facebook and twitter, and then you can complete the entries just with simple clicks that don’t take you off the page until you’re done.

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    Best Sugar Free Desserts: Chocolate Box of Lurve

    Friday, February 3rd, 2012

    best sugar free desserts

    It may be with a groan that you decide to limit your sugar intake, and I’m right there with you. Luckily there are really healthy and beautiful some role models (with rockin’ bodies of course – think: Yvonne Strahovski) and enough qualified doctor-y people on TV reminding me how bad sugar is that I’ve been making a slow decline in (real) sugar consumption. So, I decided that I would try sugar free chocolate. And that’s when I came to the Illinois Nut and Fantasia Chocolate Company. Surprisingly, they make all sorts of sugar free candy (taffy, truffles, gummi’s), including sugar free chocolate. Since I often hate cooking, pre-packaged stuff is right up my alley as the best sugar free desserts around.

    Side Note – Celebrities Who Don’t Eat Sugar:
  • Selma Blair (nor gluten)
  • Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Kelly Osbourne
  • Yvonne Strahovski (though she had a birthday at the Sugar Factory)
  • Jessica Biel (while working)
  • Jewel
  • Leaving sugar behind is sad, so opt for high ... Read More

    I’m Shopping for Curtains like Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Pottery Barn…but for Less.

    Monday, January 23rd, 2012

    curtains like pottery barn

    Yesterday I stood in a Home Depot and found two things I wanted to buy. First off, orchids! They sell orchids in cute pots. The reason I didn’t walk away with an orchid is because it would be a waste of $10.00 for me, as I don’t have enough indoor light to keep it alive. And even though I don’t get a ton of direct sun, I really want new window treatments. And that’s why the other section of Home Depot that had me pause was this little curtain part. They were affordable but … they were by Martha Stewart. And I kept thinking about how I don’t really like Martha Stewart and if I bought her curtains these would be the same curtains a million yuppie couples have hanging in their houses. And, I’m not  THAT boring.

    As I walked away, debating this one curtain, I kept thinking bout how I’d always know the vibe of the curtains were Martha Stewart, and I’d feel hopelessly lame for it. Because what I want is something … kind of hip. I’m still young! What I want is curtains like an Anthropologie. They can even be from Anthropologie – but only if they’re on sale. I’m also interested in World Market, Pottery Barn, West Elm (although that’s a bit too modern) and Pier 1. Or anywhere if they look nice, really. But, I suck at making decisions. So I’ve come to you guys for help.

    We’re looking for curtains like urban outfitters – curtains like pottery barn – curtains like anthropologie.

    My room has green-blue ... Read More

    Creative Dresser Ideas: Copy these Stenciled Designs

    Friday, January 6th, 2012

    creative dresser ideas 1

    To create a truly creative dresser try implementing a version of this design to one of your own pieces.

    Shown is the “Nine Drawer Chest” by RSH Catalog. Constructed of dark mahogany, you’d never guess it. “Awash in blue and cream, the artwork is a rendition of an ornate Louis XVI dresser. Ball feet complete the look.”

    I think this is kind of a shabby chic look without being too dated as a Martha Stewart kind of deal. It almost looks like it was limed, in fact. I love that it’s transformed into a really playful, sweet piece of furniture by having the Louis XVI dresser painted on the bulky dresser. I have no clue why (and this will sound a bit weird), but it reminds me of the feelings (of magic and beauty!) that I get when I think of The Nutcracker.

    You can find the page with this piece of furniture here. However, the price is well over $1,000. So how could you practically achieve a similar look?

    Creative Dresser Ideas

    1. Take an old dresser and paint the entire thing in a pale wash of blue. You can experiment with paint techniques to give it an aged look, like the sponge off or rag off way. Then use stencils of something sweet like birds in ... Read More

    Evil Queen Dress Inspiration from Cherie Sposa

    Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

    evil queen fancy dress costume

    Fairytales are everywhere, so it’s no longer I saw so much major inspiration from the Cherie Sposa 2012 Evening Collection. I saw the perfect innocent princess dress, and also the perfect evil queen dress. Check it out and tell me I’m wrong!

    The black. The ruffles. The tulle layering. The plunging v neck. The sculpting. The sheerness. THE EVERYTHING OF IT! If you wore that you’d strut around and feel powerful and maybe a little bit wicked. Can’t you see just about any evil queen in a fairytale wearing this dress? Like Lana Parrilla on Once Upon a Time, for instance?

    Cherie Sposa Website: Here

    And do you want princess dresses for women? Well, I think this particular one is beyond perfect. I could see it in a fabulous movie. These would obviously make for really stylish dresses or stylish ... Read More

    Tatcha Reviews: Camellia Cleansing Oil, Polished Rice Enzyme Powder, Brightening Serum, Moisture Rich Silk Cream

    Monday, January 2nd, 2012

    tatcha reviews

    Inside is my Tatcha Skin Care Review of the full geisha-inspired ritual.

    (TLDR version: It’ll make you feel special and it works so well you’ll really see the results. The Rice Powder is the must-have product out of them all. I 100% recommend these amazing products.)

    Imagine the face of a geisha. Now imagine what a geisha’s face would look like without the white makeup. Still flawless and growing? After all, geisha’s were trained to prize their beauty above all all. And they used natural items. Wouldn’t you like to steal their secrets?

    Tatcha is a Japanese-inspired beauty regimen that uses the secrets of the Geisha’s to give you radiant and flawless skin.

    I have heard of Tatcha Skin Care before because it’s sold at Sephora and Barney’s, but I had no idea how cool it would be to use.

    And sure, you may shrug and not believe this is more than a schtick to sell product. But founder Victoria Tsai can really back up her claims. The Tatcha Skin Care line comes after years of research and work that included befriending people from Kyoto. T ... Read More


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