Why Shopping Online is the Better Shopping Experience

by on Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

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ABC News is doing a story RIGHT NOW about why Best Buy is better than online retailers like Amazon and Overstock. The reasons cited is that everything is “real” and people can even smell the products and comparison shop (obviously they mean between whatever THEY offer).

Well, I’m going to have to argue that the products you buy online are also real, no one wants to smell electronics, and you can much better comparison shop online!

Another strong reason ABC News is pushing as an angle is that people want to talk to other people. Well, I often go to a couple different popular electronics stores for small things sometimes. The problem with these stores is that the people working often there don’t know anything. I went to one store and asked about the popular J Buds earphones and they had no idea what I was talking about.  How can they help me understand what to buy if they don’t know anything about the product other than what the price tag tells them? (And whatever costs most is what they steer me towards, as well as trying to get me to buy extra warranties. One employee tried to guilt me saying that people get fired if they don’t sell enough warranties. I’d get an extended warranty for a large item, but if it’s under $20.00 then I really don’t need to spend $10.00 in case it breaks! If I bought the extended warranty for everything they told me to, I’d have given them hundreds of dollars for no reason.

Best Buy has the ‘geek squad’ but from what I know of it, they never seem to be around when I’m there, and you have to pay for them to come out to your house. As for the people in the stores like Best Buy, Radioshack, Circuit City or Office Max – for all of the customers there’s only two or three employees to help them most of the time. The ratio of customer to employee is way too short for it to be very helpful. And even then it’s only helpful if they have knowledge. It surprises me of the people hired for niche stores like ‘Electronic Stores’ who don’t know a thing about BLAMMO! When my friend was hired by Victoria’s Secret she had to go through extensive training and know product details inside and out.

My favorite part of online shopping is reading the reviews on Amazon.com or stores like Target.com – and you can’t do that if you pick up a random item at a store. And again, you can’t comparison shop on the spot!

In our opinion, brick and mortar stores usually cannot compete with online stores. But ESPECIALLY if you are shopping for electronics.

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