What You Don’t Know About Blog Giveaways Can Fill this Page

by on Friday, April 15th, 2011

What you don’t know about blog giveaways might not fill a book, but it can certainly fill this page.

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This is written by a blogger, meant to be read by sponsors, readers who enter giveaways, and other bloggers.

Blog giveaways (How to run them and how to approach them):


What we know: We know if you visited the sponsor site. And they know, too. Because of Google Analytics and other programs that let us see stats like that, people know exactly how many people clicked a link and where it went to, or where the incoming click came from.

Why does it matter: For giveaways, sponsors want that publicity. And if you don’t visit their site (it’s a lousy click, why can’t you do it?) then they won’t do giveaways with that site again, and maybe not other sites either.

The bottom line: Don’t try to fake it, just click.


What we know: Sponsors want good reviews.  But you have a duty to be honest. No matter if they send you a free product, you have to tell people what you really think.

Why does it matter: For me, and most, we blog not just to write but because we want to offer reviews and introduce new products to people. If I were to lie about things, it’d be a huge disservice to the consumers as well as the sponsor who might need some sort of improvement somewhere.

The bottom line: If you are a regular reader of certain blogs, look to see if all the reviews are completely positive and a little vague. This could indicate they are just saying what the sponsor wants to hear. But on the other hand, some people are picky about what they’ll review so you’ll only see positive reviews because they’re choosy.  When I recieved an item once and it broke right away, I didn’t give it any review at all. Usually I try to be honest and tell you what I like it, and if there is anything I don’t like. If you plan on writing reviews, this is the only way to go about this.


What we know: You have to pay tax on items you receive to review.

Why does it matter: You need to be picky about what you accept because you’re ultimately paying for the item in some way, even if it’s a small way.

The bottom line: If a writer or blogger is specific about an item, try to keep it close to that. I tend to be specific because I know what I like, what I’ll use, and what I can give a good review to. If you give me something totally different I might be faced with a difficult decision about how to write a positive review of the other thing, while explaining what I actually got to review. Plus, I’ll be in a bad mood because now I have something that will collect dust!


What we know:  We like to write a review first, whenever possible.

Why does it matter: It’s hard to always run giveaways when you don’t get to keep any of the fun stuff. Many bloggers don’t get paid, so this is compensating their time. (Note: It takes a long time to set up and run/maintain a giveaway!)

The bottom line: Consider letting bloggers do a review with a giveaway – but you can be specific about whether you’d like this to be written in two posts. You should also tell them that you expect X amount of words, as lots of bloggers don’t write very much on the review front even if they get a review item. That’s just bad business on their part.


What we know: It takes a considerable amount of time to set up giveaways and maintain them.

Why does it matter:  Appreciation is always nice!

The bottom line: Just be aware that bloggers are devoting hours to running these giveaways.


What we know:  Sponsors like to see your Twitter and Facebook follower numbers. Even though the page views per day number is more important, this is what they look at. This is why we ask you to follow/fan us – and if you want to see more/bigger giveaways on a blog, then please do follow/fan them. And ditto for the sponsor. They want appreciation and want to know the giveaways are doing something to generate buzz.

Why does it matter: See above!

The bottom line: Don’t ever lie about following/fanning because that’s just rude. And bloggers should always consider doing it as an extra entry. You should get credit for your action!

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