What Do You Wish People Knew About Your Job?

by on Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010
By daviddesign on Flickr.

By daviddesign on Flickr.

“I just wish more people knew…”

ShesSmart.com asked, people from all over answered.

When you have knowledge, you can improve your work/shopping/life experiences! So we went and asked a dentist how to improve our dentist visit, and then we went and asked an experienced nail tech her professional secret to smoother cuticles. A librarian told us what really upsets her, and an insurance salesman gave us invaluable advice!

sarah dematos

Sarah DeMatos

Etsy Shop Owner : Sarah DeMatos (Frasapeas Jewelry Shop)

I wish more people knew that it is possible to be an artist creating things of beauty while still working a 9-5 desk job. Etsy is a platform that makes this easy and fun. I, like many Etsy shop owners, have a daytime job (mine is 9-7 actually) and my shop is a nights and weekends gig. After a long day at the office and sitting in traffic, I finally get home and the real work begins!

In my short experience as an Etsy shop owner (I’ve only been open 5 months) I’ve learned that if you put the time, effort and thoughtfulness into your little business, Etsy really makes it work for you. Etsy provides its sellers with countless tools that take the guess work out of being a seller. They send sellers daily/weekly e-newsletters with helpful articles, tips and advice, and from almost every one in my inbox, I have drawn incredible information that has directly benefited my shop.

What I love best of all is Etsy is so supportive of the members of their community. They truly care about you and what you to succeed. So for anyone who has a crafty side and has entertained the thought of selling their work, make Etsy your home. For Etsy buyers, leave us sellers feedback and if you like our items, make us your favorite! Your favorites spread like wildfire!”

Photo by jm3 on Flickr.

Photo by jm3 on Flickr.

Librarian : BrooklynShoeBabe*

As a children’s and young adult librarian, I wish more people knew that they should pick up the books that their babies pull onto the floor. We know that the babies are going to do it, and we’re okay with that. What we’re not okay with is the parent or caregiver just leaving the books on the floor. Just put them back on the table, so it is easier for us to reshelf them.

I wish people would not say things like “my taxes pay your salary,” because people who work in the libraries also pay taxes.

Finally, I wish more people knew that everyone who works in the library is not a librarian. Librarians are trained professionals, like lawyers, and we have to have a Master’s Degree in Information or Library Science before we can call ourselves librarians. (Sometimes, we have to be state certified.)

woman smiling by pedrosimoes7 on Flickr

woman smiling by pedrosimoes7 on Flickr

Account Manager : Kourtney Golden

My job requires a little bit of background information.  I work as an account manager for District Publishing in Shelby Township, MI.  Our company produces corporate brochures, which we provide to our clients at no cost to them by generating funding from their vendors and suppliers.  We deliver the brochures to our client and it is up to their discretion how they utilize it – for sales calls, trade shows, web inquiries, etc.

My biggest wish in regards to my job is this: I wish that companies truly realized how crucial it is to keep their marketing materials updated and fresh.  Since the decline in the economy, numerous companies have been forced to cut back on staff, and layoffs are commonplace.  It is staggering to find how many companies are cutting their marketing staff first – and this is the department that is responsible for generating new business!

My second wish is that people would maintain a more open mind regarding their marketing – because if they would, they may find that they have thousands of dollars worth of free marketing materials right at their fingertips.  While it is understandable that some people do not warm up easily to “cold callers,” an open mind could present an incredible (no cost!) opportunity.

Photo by omaromar on Flickr.

Photo by omaromar on Flickr.

Dentist : Trisha Patton

Lots of women like to wear makeup even just going to the dentist. Which is fine. But if you apply lipstick and lipgloss before you come, it’s just going to cause a mess for us and waste your product. Please, please wipe it off before you’re in the chair.

Construction Reporter : Sarah Lavaro*

I wish people knew that I don’t want to make that phone call to bother them anymore than they want to receive it. It doesn’t hurt to be polite when you don’t want to release information.

I’m not a salesperson but my job is all over the phone, gathering information on construction projects and some people can just be so negative they don’t even bother to hear what I’m calling about before railing on me.

Young woman with hat by Simon Blackley.

Young woman with hat by Simon Blackley.

Server : Lydia Merkatz

Please leave feedback on your restaurant experience with the restaurant manager. Both positive and negative feedback about service is taken very seriously and will be directly reflected in the restaurant’s management.

Know that servers generally rely on their tips for survival. Tips are what pay their rent, pay for their schooling, and feed their children. Servers will display either a devoted attitude towards their work, or an apathetic one. If your server is professional, kind, and does everything in his/her power to give you great service, please tip accordingly. As hard as it is to be a server, many servers seem to think rudeness towards customers is acceptable, as well as cold and impersonal service. If your server makes you feel badly for being and eating there, again please tip accordingly. Someone who makes a customer feel unwanted or uncomfortable does not deserve to be tipped.

Also know that if you leave money on the table, a buser or any other person in the area is likely to pick it up and take it. Please hand your tip directly to your server if you truly want to be sure he/she gets it.

Jess Martinez

Jess Martinez

Tutor : Jess Martinez (Jess Martinez Blog)

You will be stuck with one person for many many hours. Factor this before you take the job!!! (If you do, you brave soul, I suggest you drink lots of coffee as well as take an aspirin.)

I don’t think people should tip their tutors since it’s not really expected. Most tutors earn quite well since most get paid hourly and not per lesson. Instead of a tip, coffee or food is a great, and in my opinion, a better substitute. One less meal to worry about!

Don’t expect a tip unless you’re obviously going far and beyond for your student. An example: proofreading something he/she wrote by e-mail. Make sure you get reimbursed for it! Just because it’s a ten to fifteen minute job doesn’t make it any lesser; a job is a job.

You can be as lively as possible but if you’re student doesn’t want to be there, you’re wasting your time.

Smile by Alarzy on flickr.

Smile by Alarzy on flickr.

Freelance Writer : Jess Martinez (Jess Martinez Blog)

Non-paying gigs is a tough topic nowadays. My advice: use your own judgment. Is your portfolio lacking? Are your internships less than impressive? Would YOU hire yourself based on your experience? While the word “experience” won’t put food on the table, it CAN be useful. Of course, the person hiring you should in absolutely no way take advantage. You are doing THEM a favor and that is always the bottomline.

Non-paid gigs should always be part-time. Don’t let the words “will be compensated in the near future” fool you. I say no more than 10 hours a week or more than one article per week. Have integrity in yourself and your work. If your boss can’t appreciate your free labor, you are positive to find MANY that will. Do the amount of work that YOU think is fair.

Office photo by garyjwood on Flickr.

Office photo by garyjwood on Flickr.

Insurance Agent : Eric Hamm

When you want to buy insurance, find an agent instead of calling the company directly. It does not cost more, and it’ll let you have an actual person invested in helping you.  Your agent can compare rates from several companies to find the rate best for you.

The best way to find an insurance agent is from word of mouth. Referrals account for 90% of my business. If a good client recommends you, I’ll take you on board.

You can also go to any insurance company’s website and type in your zip code to find a local agent. You don’t have to buy from that company in the end.

Good Sport by Peruisay.

Good Sport by Peruisay.

Student at International Academy of Design & Technology: Ashley Ziemba

As I am currently in school for fashion design, what I find very frustrating is the under appreciation to it being an art form. I feel that as a budding designer, the garments that I painstakingly make are just as much art as other traditional art forms.  When you buy a one of a kind piece, understand that is why the price tag is what it is.

I also want to address brand obsession within fashion. Here is a secret that most fashion followers aren’t aware of:  just because that shirt says its Calvin Klein, doesn’t mean that it was designed, manufactured, or even sold by the fashion house. More money is made in our industry by the selling of these major brand names (licensing) to other companies, which then take that label and attach it to their own garment. Usually the garments are manufactured in factories overseas per the company’s specs and then shipped to be sold as “designer” merchandise. So the next time you are at a discount department store, I would think twice about spending 100’s of dollars on a branded garment.  Instead, spend the time to determine the following: Is a quality fabric? What kind of care does it need? How well is it assembled? And most importantly, how do you look and feel wearing it?

samuel bueno

Samuel Bueno

Life Coach / Motivational Speaker : Samuel Bueno (Samuel Bueno Website)

“I wish people knew….”

– that every time they say “I can’t” and “that’s impossible” they are planting the seeds of failure.
– that if they would just say hello to 3 new people every day, their lives would change forever.
– that failure is the key to success; if you do not fail, you will never know what success is.
– that they have the power to make their futures as bright as they’d like, so long they believe in themselves. When you stop dreaming you start to die.

Vegas Poker Dealer : Julie (Live, Hope, Create)

I’m not sure if men necessarily have assumptions about me as a woman working here, but they quite often cross the line with their comments/actions. As a poker dealer, I am surrounded by 90% male customers and co-workers on a daily b asis. And, as a rule, I get hit on by both customers and co-workers at least 100 times a day. Most of the time I don’t mind it, but some get out of hand from time to time. And it’s definitely very redundant and annoying at times too. On the other hand, most of the relationships I have been in over the last 7 or 8 years have stemmed from the poker table. So…..it’s a bit of a double-edged sword. :)

Working in Vegas is exciting, but after a while it does feel quite mundane. Every so often, though, something happens that reminds you that you don’t live and work in an ordinary city. For example, I was dealing cards one night, same old, same old, and looked up to see Elvis watching the game. Just past Elvis, sitting at a machine, was Santa Claus. And then, to top it all off, a leprechaun walked in to play. It’s those times when I realize, there’s no other place on earth I could witness such a thing…and THAT’S exciting!



Nail Tech (former) :  Julie (Jewel of the Lion Etsy Shop)

The most annoying thing people would do when I did their nails?? Well, it sucks when you polish their nails all pretty, then they mess them up before even getting out of the chair. Also, people who would come in with BEAUTIFUL natural nails and want artificial nails put on. Grrrr…I would always try and talk them out of it, because beautiful natural nails are few and far between. I prefer working on natural nails to anything artificial anyway, even though there’s more money in the artificial approach.

When someone came in for a manicure, I preferred that they did nothing prior to their appointment. People like to “help” by doing some prep work, but it really just makes more work for me, trying to even up their nails and make everything look similar, as far as shape and such, is easier if you have a blank slate than otherwise.

The answer to rough cuticles or rough hands is “One Minute Manicure“. It’s a fantastic product that works for even the worst, dryest, gnarliest hands. I used to recommend it for both my men and women clients. It is fantastic, easy to do, and really only takes one minute. :)

*Denotes an alias.

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