What are the Best Reed Diffusers? AVOID Greenair!

by on Wednesday, February 24th, 2010
It looks nice, huh? WELL, IT DOESN'T WORK!

It looks nice, huh? WELL, IT DOESN'T WORK!

I made a very poor purchase the other day while trying to help the planet! I was using a gift card at Marshall’s, and saw they had a display of all of these different reed diffusers. Because I keep hearing about how the scent of lavender can considerably calm a person, I decided I’d grab one. But there were lavender reed diffusers from several different brands. I picked the one from Greenair, which said it was “organic and earth friendly aromatherapy”. Normally $10.00 per bottle, I got mine for $5.99. The box claimed it was an earth-friendly product made of natural essential oils that would continue to scent my room for up to three months. Well, they should have mentioned that it wouldn’t even work for one day!

I followed the instructions just as I was told, but there was no scent coming out from the reeds unless I put my nose right over them. So I spun the sticks and flipped them around as the box said to do. But still, no scent. Meanwhile, the fluid is draining away and evaporating so fast that 1/3 is practically already gone after TWO days!

Trying to salvage a horrible product, I used the sticks and pretended I was some sort of exotic Geisha as I applied the aromatherapy oil to my neck (fully aware that it might cause a rash – but I’m reckless). Well, no rash. But no scent! It smelled for the first 30 seconds, and then it fades away. And I use essential oils for perfume, I know that’s not right. So basically, this was a total waste of money. And I read Amazon reviews that say the same thing I’m saying! Urgh.

1 Greenair Review here

2 Greenair Reviews here

1 Greenair Review here

Because I trust other people more than what companies websites say (which is, in essence – why Shes Smart offers reviews and giveaways so you can shop smart!) I went to see which reed diffusers had the best scores on Amazon.But that wasn’t helpful as most only had one review (and you can’t really rely on just one review if it’s one sentence) and one person had even voted for Greenair!

I need to know, what are the best reed diffusers?

I’m told the brand Antica Farmacista makes good ones, but they’re also upwards of $50.00.

Antica Farmacista Amber 250ml Home Diffuser

Antica Farmacista Amber 250ml Home Diffuser

Amber Diffuser$56

best reed diffusers

Japanese Cherry Blossom Reed Diffuser

Luckily, my friend says The Body Shop has nice reed diffusers, and they’re under $30. Whew. On Amazon there is ONE Vanilla one for $8, and ONE cranberry one. Snatch them up if you think you’d like to try them. I’m not sure. I think they’re priced lower because the cranberry one comes out only around Christmas. I’ll note that I have essential oils from before Christmas and they still smell great, though. And if they had one in lavender, I’d buy it right now. I just don’t want cranberry or vanilla.

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