Trash to Treasure Decorating Ideas for Shutters

by on Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

I’ve told you already about my love for dolls growing up. That extended to dollhouses, of course. And every little girl knows that a very crucial element to any decent dollhouse are the shutters. They don’t have to open/close but that is a very big bonus. I think I played with the shutters on any dollhouse I came into contact with more than with the front door or staircases.

My fondness for shutters is also rooted in the fact that my Grandparents had a very cozy and aptly-named sunroom in their house. The sunroom had a couple rows of dark, tiny shutters on the inside that had to be latched every night.

Whether you have a house with shutters now makes no matter, you can still have shutters in your life. You can find them being torn off of old houses, for sale on eBay, or even being offered on Craigslist.

shutter shelf

Turn an old shutter into shelving (or a coat rack) with some brackets and fresh paint.

Picture Source: Jennifer Adams Design Blog

shutter cabinet doors

Use old barn shutters as cabinet doors.

shutter shelves

Or a single old barn shutter can be turned into a decorative, shabby-chic shelf. If you can’t find one with an emblem (like the crow) consider buying a wooden one at a craft store and panting/sanding it before affixing it to the shutter. Instant old-world appeal. (These are ready-made and available for purchase.)

Picture Source: Ashleys Primitives

recycled shutters

Shutters (just like an old door) work as a headboard, or use it as wall art to hang jewelry or knick-nacks.

Picture Source: My Sweet Savannah

shuttered bath cabinet

Shutters make great doors for cabinets. (This one is for sale.)

Picture Source: Lori Musil

repurposed shutters

Shutters can be used as bulletin boards for cards or photos.

Picture Source: Lil Red Cottage

repurposed shutters 1

It’s like a secret medicine cabinet/storage area.

Picture Source: Crafty Nest

She’s smart – she’s you.

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