Things I Know to be True

by on Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Initially, I was going to title this post “Things I Know for Sure” but I hesitate to mark any sort of finality on things that I know are changeable. (This is probably it takes me so long to make decisions, including figuring out what to order at a restaurant I’ve been to many times before.)

things i know to be true

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Instead, here are things I know to be true. They might change in the future. They might remain the same. These are in no order.

  1. Love can be a catastrophic force in your life. It can also be a healing force in your life.
  2. TV shows that you love fervently will still be canceled, despite passionate fans who protest alongside you.
  3. The cruelest words will be saved for those you know the best. Because you know just what to say.
  4. Faith can make you feel like a fool.
  5. You absolutely do not have to wear makeup every day, or even every time you go out in public.
  6. Starting early to keep your face, hands and body as moisturized as possible will be something you are grateful for as you age.
  7. You turn 30 before you realize you’re not 20 anymore.
  8. Things can always get better if you can get through the moment.
  9. When all else fails: hot baths cure.
  10. Have animals in your life, they will pay you back tenfold for the care and consideration you afford them. Animals are a gift to us.
  11. It’s okay to wash your hair every other day. Even celebrities do it!
  12. The trick to keeping your eyeshadow on is using a primer.
  13. Nature can save you and bring you back to a state of peace.
  14. It’s okay to go to a baseball game only for the oddly good hotdogs.
  15. The things you cherish as a child and teen will be things you always come back to and think of fondly.
  16. Always use a clear nail base before applying a dark nail polish – otherwise your nails will look yellow later on.
  17. The best sleep masks have velcro in the back, not just an elastic band.
  18. Cartoons aren’t a waste of time.
  19. Fresh flowers are always worth the money.
  20. Being kind is the smartest thing you can do.
  21. Spend money on experiences, not “things.”

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