Watching TV Makes me Want to Shop (IS THIS A CRIME?)

by on Thursday, May 6th, 2010
DwellStudio® for Target® Foliage Duvet Sets

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Sometimes I watch TV live – which means I see commercials – GASP! Remember those? Well,  last night I watched (and reviewed) America’s Next Top Model live. I probably left a couple times to grab a snack or indulge Shopcat in treats (if you have a cat and want to know – she’s goes crazy for these: Whisker Lickin’s Tender Moments Soft & Delicious in the Chicken Flavor), but mostly I was being a (fashionable, Snuggie-model) slug on the couch. The thing I forget about commercials is that sometime’s they’re enjoyable and remind me of things. I promise I’m not brain-washed, though.

The commercials during America’s Next Top Model included:

  • Toy Story 3 (Which I so want to see! I need to add this to my Netflix Que right now. P.S. I’m adding the tag “add to netflix que” and I’m going to start doing tiny updates about all of the movies I watch and love/hate/watch five times. I’m a Netflix obsessed person, and no one can stop me!)
  • Paramore for Civic (See, I’d actually totally forgotten that I liked listening to Paramore.)
  • T-Mobile
  • Stride Gum aka Stride Shift gum that switches flavors while you chew it (I can attest that Stride gum is my favorite kind of gum, the flavor is really zingy.)
  • Cotton with Colbie Caillatt (Who has such a hard name to spell! I don’t know why Cotton needs to promote itself, doesn’t everyone kind of know about Cotton?)
  • Secret Deodorant (Speaking of, I am not loving my current deodorant, which is Soft & Dri Invisible Solid Power Stripe “Passion Flower” with alleged time release technology.)
  • Target (There are some cute Dwell Studio items in stock! Oh, I AM TEMPTED.)

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