The Best SodaStream Flavors: Top 5 to Try

by on Saturday, March 12th, 2011

According to my very modest and smart tongue, here are the best sodastream flavors!

My favorite flavor is diet orange soda, followed by diet coke , orange mango and cranberry raspberry. I think these are the best sodastream flavors, as I’ve tasted all flavors now except for the grapefruit one.  Bed Bath and Beyond doesn’t seem to have the diet orange sodamix or the cranberry raspberry sodamix, but they tell me you can call and order them to pick up at the store.

Something to pay attention to is making sure you close and seal your sodamix flavor bottles tightly, and to check the expiration dates, or the taste can go from good to wonky. I think that’s what happened with a couple of mine.


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