TGI Fridays Skillet Meals are Disgusting and Overpriced to Boot!

by on Friday, October 21st, 2011

I get furious when I spend money on something and it ends up failing me completely. Fridays Skillet Meals = super disappointing. And my expectations weren’t even that high!

I’m a lazy cook, so I am in the frozen food aisle a lot. Nothing is better to me than being able to just heat up my food and pretend I have a personal chef. And there are some pretty good things you can buy in this aisle, I especially love the Lean Cuisine Thai Meals and the P.F. Changs Orange Chicken Skillet Meal.

I do not recommend Fridays Frozen Skillet Meals or any of their Frozen Foods.

I’ve never had much luck with TGI Fridays Frozen Foods before. They never come out right, but you see that familiar red package and logo and you just go “Okay, one more time!” But every time, the food came out tasting bad. And the less recognizable brands were tastier. (I’ve had the TGI Fridays Frozen Chicken Quesadilla Rolls, Mozzarella Sticks, Cheddar and Bacon Potato Skins…and probably others. I have had frozen mozzarella sticks and frozen potato skins from other brands and actually liked them. So it’s not as though the food just can’t be done right. And I do like the food in actual TGI Fridays restaurants. )

But I did it AGAIN, I saw the package for the new Fridays Skillet Meals, and decided it had to be good, especially for $10.00! So I picked one, and I’m not proud of my choice because it is not healthy at all. It was the Loaded Potato Skillet with Chicken. Inside the bag were frozen potato wedges, tiny frozen pieces of broccoli, some very small white cubes with grill marks that were chicken (but only like 5) and cubes of frozen cheese. I realized I’d made a mistake. The cheese was going to be a problem. And it was. But not the only problem.

I can eat fake cheese – I love Kraft stuff. But this fake cheese smelled so gross. And it made a huge mess in the skillet pan.

I cooked everything per the recipe, using the stove intead of the easier microwave. They tell you to keep it covered for the first 5 minutes. So you don’t stir it. But that made part of the pan burn, which gave everything a burnt flavor.

In the end, I had a big mess of food that tasted (though didn’t look at all) burnt, and the cheese made me literally gag. I ate a small bite of one potato before I gave up. But it tasted so bad. And I wasted ten bucks on that?! I totally want a refund.

TGI Fridays Skillet Meals are gross. Ugh! Why can’t they deliver on their promises of halfway decent food? If I sound bitter it’s because I’m hungry. I didn’t get to eat dinner last night, since my dinner was…this meal.

Have YOU had experience with TGI Fridays frozen meals? Did you like them?

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