Summer Camp Care Packages for Kids: an Essential Do-Gooder Gesture

by on Friday, May 20th, 2011

I’m someone who attended summer camp as a child. (Could ya tell?) And one of the best things about being in camp (probably even more so in this age of the Internet) is getting packages and snail mail. I swear, even a post card would light up my day when I was at camp. But why just settle for a postcard? When your child heads to camp, consider sending them a care package.

“The Sports Fan Care Package contains all the snacks an armchair athlete craves for the big game! Nothing can make a sports fan happier than a sports care package filled with such a wide selection of tasty game-time snacks. Send a sports fan this care package and receive a standing ovation.”

My suggestion for what and from where to send is: The Sports Fan Care Package from Gourmet Gift Baskets. I was sent this gift bag to review, and what I think is important is that there’s no actual gift basket included. Kids at camp or on a vacation don’t want an extra thing to lug around. The box is full of snacks and candy. And now I get to tell you my favorite items – which is not a hard job. Although I may be a little bit embarrassed to admit that I adore Yoo-Hoo. I also loved the Berry Flavored skittles, Twizzlers, and Smart Popcorn. It’s hard to go wrong with care packages that have such variety.

I could have done without the Pixie Sticks, and I’m not a fan of Sour Patch Kids. What’s nice is that whatever your kid doesn’t like they will hopefully share with their friends (or even use it as a bribe to make friends, mwahaha.)

The title for this camp care package seems a little off base – as I’m not sure what snacks have to do with being a sports fan. Then again, maybe I do… (Superbowl Sunday isn’t complete without an array of finger food snacks, after all.) What I do know is that at camp they’re not supposed to have large bags of snacks in case animals want to sneak in and steal them. You eliminate that problem with these sorts of tiny little snack bags that are eaten in one sitting.

As much as your little trooper may talk up loving the idea of being away from home, they’ll gladly appreciate this reminder that the people back home haven’t forgotten them. ($34.99.)

Visit Gourmet Gift Baskets for all sorts of other care packages and gift basket selections.

Disclaimer: As mentioned, I received this item to review. There was no monetary compensation to influence the outcome of the review.

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