Soda Stream Drinks Maker Review: The ONE Thing I Hate About It

by on Saturday, March 12th, 2011

Hi, so hopefully if you want a full Soda Stream drinks maker review you’ll go click that link and read the one I’ve written. I’ve become a loyal streamer, and have been going to Bed Bath and Beyond to exchange my CO2 canisters and buy different flavors. But today there was something that sucked, that I forgot to avoid. And it is my reminder to myself and you (if you use this thing) to never do this.

The flavors can stain when undiluted. And today I got some of the diet orange pop excess on the side of my bottle, and it slid down to the white countertop. Thus far, I cannot get it up with any cleaning agents. It’s stained! But I’m positive there is a warning about this, so it’s just my fault. I wish I had remembered to avoid it.

All in all I’m really pleased with the Sodastreamer, especially since you can’t buy diet orange soda many places but it tastes so good!


What are the best Sodastream flavors to try post.

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