Don’t Laugh: I Hate Coffee But I Want to Smell Like it!

by on Sunday, September 5th, 2010

Vienna Coffee looks PRETTY.

I don’t like to drink coffee. Sometimes I’ll have a latte, but coffee is just YUCK. (I know, I sound about five-years-old when I say it like that.) But I’ve discovered that while coffee itself isn’t something I love, the smell is another matter all together. The smell of coffee is okay, but it’s the smell of HAZELNUT coffee that really gets my attention. It smells AMAZING.

The smell of hazelnut defines autumn, for me. And autumn is my favorite season. The scent is warm and comforting, and makes me want to curl up in some giant library with buttery leather couches and a fire in the hearth (oh – and a hearth!)

Some people want to know how to smell like a vampire. Well, if you’re dealing with modern vamps, they might very well smell like hazelnut coffee. So, there you go. Stock up!

Get the scent of hazelnut with these items:

Source: Coffee picture.

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