Smart Shopping at the Grocery Store

by on Friday, December 11th, 2009

In the effort to always shop smart, I’m going to share with you guys some stuff I’ve recently bought at the Grocery store. Some of the stuff I’d never had before, and am glad I bought. Other stuff? Oh man. Gag much? Ugh. And I wish I had NOT spent the money on those things. But again, most of it was good. I have good intuition, maybe? Recommendations on anything are good because we don’t want anyone to waste money on something bad (like I did, WAH). And while we usually focus on beauty, fashion, and home decor rec’s, I’m making an exception this time.

powerade zeroPowerade: Powerade Zero in Mixed Berry gets a MAJOR thumbs up from me. I loved the flavor, and yea – I like diet drinks. It’s a “Zero calorie sports drink”. My daily sports include uh…power shopping…but I do need energy for that! I also bought a bottle of Powerade in Fruit Punch and I did not like that one at all. I think the pretty red color lured me in. Ironically I thought I’d like the Fruit Punch one and dislike the Zero one.

campbells select harvest soupCampbell’s Select Harvest Soups: I decided to splurge on these, rather than get the less-expensive soups. And I was NOT PLEASED. I’ve had soup from tons of brands and different places – and this soup…seriously not so good. I didn’t taste any salt in them, and it’s not that I’m salt-obsessed, but it tasted bland to me. The two kinds I got were: Campbell’s Select Harvest Italian Wedding Soup and Campbell’s Select Harvest New England Clam Chowder Soup. Don’t let the fancy label and title fool you, these were…blergh, at best!  If you STILL want to try them, if you buy three of the soups you can get a dollar off with this Campbell’s Select Harvest Coupon.

marie callender coconut cream pieMarie Callender’s Coconut Cream Pie: I love this stuff. You just need to remember to defrost it in the fridge for seeeeeveral hours before trying to eat it. Another tip…hold and carry it CAREFULLY. True story: the last time I had this I was carrying it, and because it is so top heavy, I took a step and it went FLYING forward out of my hands. PIE WAS EVERYTHING. It’s horrible. I literally wanted to get on the floor with a fork and spoon away the top stuff that wasn’t ruined! Which is just like that episode of Friends where Rachel and Chandeler are obsessed with cheesecake. But yea. This stuff is amazing. Omgggg, loves it. I’ve found some Marie Callender’s coupons online except all of them are labeled ‘unreliable’. I tested the site for one and it was a deadend. Boo.

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