Real Single Girl Problems and Solutions for your Single Girl Survival Kit

by on Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

The plight of the single girl never ends. Sure, some of the “artists formerly known as single” get married. But for every Carrie Bradshaw that does get married, there’s a new woman coming into her 20’s that realizes being a single girl can sure cause problems.

How can you clean without actually getting your hands dirty, how do you deal with a nosey cashier and how do you get your pets to, essentially, love you more? I’m about to discuss this all with you.

single girl problems

How do I unclog my shower drain without a fuss?

Single Girl Problems: My shower drain clogs up once a month because my hair is so long and thick and apparently falling out all the time!

Single Girl Solutions: If you don’t have your Dad around to guilt into cleaning it out, try the Drain Claw ( I do not suggest you watch too many Youtube Videos on how it works, because clogged up hair is gross. This is just the most effective and least gross way to remove it that I’ve ever seen.

Single Girl Survival Kit Purchase: For Single Girl Survival you WILL have to clean out your drain every once in a while, you just will. The Drain Claw should be in every Single Girl Survival Kit. Luckily it is not very expensive! Here’s the link so you can Buy the Drain Claw on AmazonĀ  – with fantastic reviews.

How do I make my cat sleep in bed with me?

Single Girl Problems: I want my dog/cat to sleep in the bed with me! They keep me warm, I feel safe, it’s just… nice.

Single Girl Solutions: As you readers know, I have one dog and two cats. The dog is too big to really share a bed, but there have been times when I gave into those little puppy dog eyes and tried to make it work. The other cat Shopcat aka Frida would never stay in bed with me, no matter how much I tried to get her to create the ideal picturesque bedroom scene I had in bed where I’d be reading Jane Austen novels at a record speed while the smell of freshly laundered sheets kept me feeling calm, and my loyal cat stayed by my side. But I learned that I actually preferred to sprawl out, so Frida’s presence wasn’t necessary. Now that I’ve had Smart Kitty for a year, I find that she will only sleep in bed with me when I don’t try to force her to do it. Often I wake up and she’s there with me and it’s one of those OMGSOCUTEANDSWEET moments that melt my heart a little bit and affirm every life decision I’ve ever made. And when she snuggles up while I’m sleeping, she adapts to me and in whatever weird way I’m sleeping. Basically, you can’t force it to happen any more than your parents could force you to get a practical business degree over your BA in Fine Arts that is now, of course, pointless.

Single Girl Survival Kit Purchase – You already Have it!: If you absolutely feel like this is needed in your life then I suggest a bodypillow if you have one. Even that silly Dr. Oz suggests sleeping with a pillow between your legs (or a long body pillow) for better sleeping posture or something. Arrange some pillows or a heating pad on your bed so you feel snuggly and warm and and safe. If you absolutely must, go buy a body pillow. But they’re not very attractive in your bedroom and you also may have to pretend you’re pregnant (the cashier will assume this) when you buy one.

P.S. You can try to make your cat or dog feel at ease in the bed by giving them treats there. Although, messy. You can also just try putting their dog/cat bed near your bed.


A Single Girl Who is Reducing her Problems

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