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by on Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

Many want to know the meaning of a shopping haul, and I’m here to explain.

Shopping haul videos are littered over YouTube and they revolve around two ideas. First, the person must have shopped quite a bit (5 items is a good minimum) and then they must be willing to show it all off. For most teens, this isn’t a problem. And even though I’m not a teen and I’m about to do some online shopping, I’m going to do it as well.

See, not just WHAT I bought, but how I decided upon it all.

vitatops reviews

I’ve actually been lucky enough to do a shopping haul to help promote the ABC Family TV show Jane By Design, where I bought several items – including a cute cat bed for one of the cats. (It was for ShopCat, but ShopKitty stole it. I’ve since replaced ShopCat’s bed with yet another…which is not the exhausting musical chairs you might be picturing has gone on.)

The first two items are for my Dad. He bought a new car (the first new car he’s ever bought!) and it has no ashtray. Unfortunately, he still smokes. (Boooo, I know. It’s not cool.) Anyway, he needs a car ashtray. There are two I was looking at. One is double the price of the other, though! Both have good reviews.

  • Real Gear AT02490-9/3 Silver Solar Ash Tray $21.99, Amazon.
  • Bell Automotive 22-1-39263-8 Ash Tray with Solar Powered Lighting $8.59, Amazon.

But then I found one with many more reviews (positive) and decided to get that one. This is the one I’d say is the best car ashtray to purchase, at least in terms of which one I decided to buy:

  • WINNER: Car Mate CZ48A Black Solar Powered Ash Tray with LED Light, $11.49, Amazon¬†

Next up, a Baseball cap holder for Dad. I looked at reviews. Then I needed to decide how many caps I wanted it to hold. I didn’t realize that the “system” meant a world of difference, but luckily I read the reviews. I decided I wanted to get my Dad the “system” so it didn’t have to be attached to the back of a door. This way it could go inside of a closet. But Amazon only offered the system in 36 and 18. So I got the 18 one instead of 9.

  • CapRack 9¬† (For door)- Baseball Cap Organizer (Black) – Amazon
  • CapRack 18 – (For door) Baseball Cap Holder (Black) – Amazon
  • WINNER: CapRack 18 (Multi use) System Organizer (Black) – Amazon

I’ve previously reviewed Vitalicious Vita Tops and LOVED them. So I decided I’d go buy some since they are healthy and filling for a quick breakfast with a big glass of milk. I preferred the chocolate flavors, and these have healthy brownies…so… yea.

  • WINNER: Vitalicious Chocolate Super Sampler, 2-Ounce Units (Pack of 20), $28.60 – Amazon

I also needed something to hold my sheets in place. I found the one with the best reviews to be:

  • WINNER: User-friendly Holder, Strap, Suspender, and Gripper for Your Sheets. Multiple Use Design. Patent Pending, $12.09 Amazon

I hope you enjoyed this shopping haul blog post. Muah.

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