I’m Shopping for Curtains like Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Pottery Barn…but for Less.

by on Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Yesterday I stood in a Home Depot and found two things I wanted to buy. First off, orchids! They sell orchids in cute pots. The reason I didn’t walk away with an orchid is because it would be a waste of $10.00 for me, as I don’t have enough indoor light to keep it alive. And even though I don’t get a ton of direct sun, I really want new window treatments. And that’s why the other section of Home Depot that had me pause was this little curtain part. They were affordable but … they were by Martha Stewart. And I kept thinking about how I don’t really like Martha Stewart and if I bought her curtains these would be the same curtains a million yuppie couples have hanging in their houses. And, I’m not  THAT boring.

As I walked away, debating this one curtain, I kept thinking bout how I’d always know the vibe of the curtains were Martha Stewart, and I’d feel hopelessly lame for it. Because what I want is something … kind of hip. I’m still young! What I want is curtains like an Anthropologie. They can even be from Anthropologie – but only if they’re on sale. I’m also interested in World Market, Pottery Barn, West Elm (although that’s a bit too modern) and Pier 1. Or anywhere if they look nice, really. But, I suck at making decisions. So I’ve come to you guys for help.

We’re looking for curtains like urban outfitters – curtains like pottery barn – curtains like anthropologie.

My room has green-blue walls and my style codewords would be: romantic, antique, cottage, artistic, sweet, warm, Victorian, french, floral, cozy.

What my room is not? Modern, Bright, Asian, Minimal,  Exotic, Stuffy, White (my current window treatments are white blinds and white sheers, so I missed the mark and have been lazy…because my previous look was very pastel/Monet/airy.)

Here are some curtains I like, with the one on the bottom right the Martha Stewart ones I almost bought:

  • Taupe Accacia Curtain $44.99 to $54.99 – World Market, here
  • Midnight Courtyard Curtain – Anthropologie
  • Wandering Pleats Curtains – Anthropologie
  • Neutral Luster Window Panel On Sale $31.96 Orig. $39.95 – Pier 1, here
  • Brown & Blue Ombre Damask Panel On Sale $31.96 Orig. $39.95 – Pier 1, here
  • Martha Stewart Living Floating Dahlia Panel $20 each – Home Depot – Good Review, here (Larger image here)

That last one is the one I almost bought. And it has this Black Tab thing which I guess means it helps keep light out (so I can sleep in, score.) But from far away it looks (and I know part of the reason is the wooden window in the picture) so hopelessly country dining room! My bedroom of luxury is not… a country dining room in the suburbs! But on the pro side… up close it looked better, it has great reviews, the material was good, the colors are right, and the price is perfect.

Update: I have actually found curtains that I love. They’re sold at JC Penny, where her line is. Oh, did I not mention who they’re by? Cindy Crawford. I know, I know, almost as bad as Martha Stewart, but these work as being simple without being boring, they’re cozy, they’re a little French, and they’re a color that doesn’t fight with my dark walls. While I never would have gone, “Oh, yes, I totally want to buy curtains that have Cindy’s name on them!” I actually find these to be very worthy of a look. Her entire collection has some really nice pieces that might make you think you’ve found curtains like Potter Barn stocks.

Each panel is normally $40.00 but I had a major sale advantage and got four for $20.00 each! That’s half off! Even I can do math that easy.

Cindy Crawford draperies wrap your home in an aura of luxury with the Palais grommet-top window collection. Available in Green, Rust, Shitake and Ivory. I opted for Ivory.

  • elegant scroll pattern in sophisticated natural tones
  • chenille fabric for a soft, rich texture
  • lined for beautiful draping
  • grommets are brushed nickel
  • available in lengths from 63 to 120″

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