Roku Player Problems: You’re Not Alone

by on Saturday, January 15th, 2011

Roku is a tiny box from hell. At least it has been for me. I’ve been having Roku issues.

You guys might remember how I debated getting a Roku for a long while now, and then I got one for Christmas and was SO excited! I’m writing this on January 15th, and the Roku still has never worked.

roku problemsI’ve been tirelessly e-mailing with their tech support at Roku help, which haven’t suggested much, but always end with something along the lines of, “Please feel free to email us for further queries.” Or, “If your issue is still persisting, please feel free to reply to this email.” Because…if it still doesn’t work after their first 5 e-mails there’s some other option than not e-mailing them again? The only advice they’ve given is to click the TV/Video input button. And I only needed them to tell me that once for me to spend HOURS doing that.

roku issuesAnd every e-mail seemed to have been sent from someone else. First a Susan. Then a Sunil. I wish I could be working with just one person, so I know they’re following along and not (as they have been) asking the same questions and suggesting the same things I’ve already been told to do, and dutifully tried. These Roku player problems are not gaining any headway. I have the same, simple problem I had 4 weeks ago.

Here’s the kicker: I know I have it plugged in right because in the moments between the TV converter turns off I see a black screen that has a “Roku” on it. But then it disappears. And the only way to see it is in those brief moments. Arugh!

roku player problems

In desperation, I visited the Roku site for their Help page. See, the Roku box didn’t have any specific directions to apply to my situation. Which I think is pretty weird, you should always have a detailed instruction manual no matter how “easy” you claim your product is. Installing is the hardest part, and there’s very little about how to do that. Anyway. I had to DL a PDF file and the file seems to be exactly like the little instructional booklet I already have. And neither the book nor file says anything about what you would push to get the Roku screen (although I know it’s gotta be TV/Video or input, as that’s what they’ve said and that’s what you’d assume.)

I feel like this might be a really great, easy little machine to use, if only after 4 weeks I could even get it to turn on.

My complaint is with the Roku machine as much as it is with the Roku Technical Assistance.

I do not feel assisted.

I do not have a Roku that works.

I do not have time to return this thing. And I still will. There’s a 30 day money back guarantee. But the thing is, I wanted SO MUCH to like my Roku and I wish I had been given help to make it work instead of having to return it.

I do not feel pleased. I hate these stupid Roku issues. Roku help has not been very helpful.

Le sigh.

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