Healthy Pirate Brands Potato Flyers Review (Even Dad Liked Them!)

by on Friday, September 10th, 2010

Potato Flyers isn’t just a cute name (and to be sure, it’s a cute name.)  It’s a cute name for a tasty snack. Pirate Brands Potato Flyers are popped from Idaho potatos and brown rice (healthy!) They’re low in fat, and gluten-free. Which means I was all over them – I like healthy food that doesn’t taste “healthy.” Ya know? Yes, you know! Haha.

Healthy food that tastes like junk food: Potato Flyers!

Potato Flyers Review:

Pirate Brands sent me the cutest little package that had four flavors of the Potato Flyers. I was nervous, because I’m certainly not going to ever say something is great on this blog if I think it isn’t. And with food – you never know. Well, now I know that I do indeed like them. (Whew!) I wish they’d stock Potato Flyers in places like Subway and Quizno’s. My favorite, by far, were the traditional chips because my favorite kind of potato chip is the traditional kind. My second favorite was the sour cream and onion, then barbeque. Since I’m not the biggest lover of chip flavors, I had my Mom try them. She really loved the Barbeque Potato Flyers. And at the age of *cough* around 50 *cough* she is always watching what she eats since her metabolism isn’t as fast as it once once.

There’s really only one person I know that likes salt and vinegar chips. But that person is my Dad. And my Dad? He hates health food. I’m serious. So I had to trick him. I didn’t tell him anything about the chips, only that I was reviewing them and wanted his opinion. He liked them. THEN I told him they were healthy. He gave me a dubious look, and ate another. Which is a freakin’ miracle! Because seriously, the entire idea of healthy food turns him off. But he actually liked these. And he had even more to say, if you can believe it (I couldn’t!) He said, “I like these becuase most salt & vinegar chips are way too salty and the vinegar is overpowering, but these aren’t overpowering at all.” He was getting all serious about the dynamics and balances of salt to vinegar ratio’s on chips (blah, blah, blah) so I tuned him out and ate my original flavored Potato Flyers instead.

I would say these are some of the best baked potato chips I’ve ever had. They’re healthy food that tastes like junk food. How can you argue against that? As for texture, they give that satisfying CRUNCH (they’re kind of airy in the middle, but not as much as a Rice Cake), but also have the flavor to satisfy you. (Plus, they’re not greasy at all.)  Just one is never enough.

Anyway, do I recommend Pirate Brand Potato Flyers? For sure. Especially the good ol’ original flavored chips.

You can visit the Pirate Brands website, and find all Pirate Brands products like Potato Flyer’s at a grocery store near you.

Disclosure: I was able to review samples, but my opinion was not influenced in any way.

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