Our Smart Tips for a Better Restaurant Experience

by on Monday, December 21st, 2009
Tiramisu picture by blhphotography on Flickr

Tiramisu picture by blhphotography on Flickr

There are some secrets and tipsĀ  that can help you better enjoy your time in a restaurant.

She’s smart, because she…

…is careful when trusting the waiter’s opinion. If you ask if a certain dish is good, they are not allowed to badmouth it even if they dislike it. Notice if they’re vague in their answer. I like to ask them what the most popular dishes are, or what they themselves like to order. After all, since they work there they must know what’s actually good.

…is cautious about the of soup of the day. The daily special or the soup of the day is sometimes because a restaurant has too much of something, or the expiration date is just about to arrive.

…omits the lemon in her drink. Those lemons get touched by unwashed hands, and then are dropped into your drink!

…also omits the ice in her soda. Ice in your soda pop waters it down, and means you’re getting much less of the soda. I always ask for no ice. Because they keep the soda cold anyway, why bother with ice? Plus, you need to ask for less refills.

…uses the name of her waiter or waitress. If you want to be polite and earn points, use their name when addressing them. They’ll work harder for your table now that you’ve made it personal.

She shops smart – she’s you!
Jessica Rae

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