My Dukan Diet Online Coaching Review

by on Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Everything you need to know to determine if it’s worth it for you and your Dukan Diet!

I received a free Dukan Coaching account. The people are so nice. You can e-mail your coach at any time. That’s like having a personal nutritionist, except they are experts in the Dukan Diet. Intead of googling “can I eat this” or “how many tablespoons of this can I have per day” I could just e-mail them. There was also a forum for support. I didn’t really use the form, I reached out to twitter!

To track your daily progress, you need a flexible tape measurer and a scale. The scale you probably have, but the flexible tape measurer  you may not. Every night you fill out a questionnaire about what you ate (if you cheated and what foods you cheated with), your weight, your measurements (they have an easy guide to tell you where and how to measure) and what your motivation level is like. But you have to fill out it all or it won’t submit, meaning I had to find a way to measure my waist and stuff! I used one of my cats long string toys and then held it up to an old, vintage ruler I had and measured like that.

There is a Dukan shop. They don’t offer a lot, though. The oat bran is nice because they have recipes on the side of the box, but the box has n oflap to close it, so you can tape it or transfer it to another box. I did not try the goji berries (they were not at my grocery store and they seem expensive) or the shirataki noodles (again, not at my grocery store and the reviews of these on Amazon lead me to believe they’re really not that appetizing.)

You also get access to a “slimming apartment.” It’s a virtual apartment and it’s really not all that exciting. I do love that wording, though. It’s a subtle motivator. (And you really need to keep healthy options in your own residence to have success, think of your place as a slimming area.) So, like I said, it’s a apartment and you can click around. You can also access a chart of your progress to see how long each of each phase you’ll have to do. Checking in every day is mandatory and it keeps the diet at the top of your mind, which is crucial to staying on it.

Every day I was e-mailed instructions. The diet instructions didn’t really do much for me because they had sample menu’s and I was already doing whatever I wanted with what I had. The exercise recommended walking and stuff, but I was firm about wanting to bike. But I also did take more walks. I always did more exercise than what they suggested. The best part of the daily e-mail was the motivation based on psychology and my answers from the previous survey’s. They would suggest things like a “fragrance box” or something I’d never heard of that might be useful. (Although for that, basically a scented candle would also work.) It was all about checking in every day. And I felt culpable, which is the idea. If you go off track, you have to report it. That’s why the online coaching as so great, and you didn’t have to go to any center to report, you just did it online. That’s a great feature. That whole support system of your coach and the e-mails and the forum is really invaluable and helpful.

Although it can seem expensive for an account that lasts a year, if you measure it up to other programs, it’s a pretty good deal. It’s like having a personal nutritionist at your beck and call, which is usually (I’m guessing) a lot more expensive. This is the greatest part of what you get. I think the other greatest part of the online account is that they hold you accountable and keep you encouraged by sending you e-mails every day. And every night you send in a quick survey about how your day was in terms of what you ate, your mood, and your weight. They even track your body measurements.

I googled about “how much would a personal nutritionist cost” and got the idea that your first session is going to be around $75.00 and the follow-up’s would be about $50.00. Of course prices will vary, especially depending on where you live. (A nutritionist in L.A. will charge much more.) offers 10 weeks for a total of $520. So, the Dukan Online coaching is reasonable in fees, really.

My advice would be to do your attack phase and a few days of the cruise phase before singing up for the program. Why? Because by then you and your body will know whether you are going to commit to this or not. If you are going to do the Dukan Diet, I can’t think of a better support system than their online coaching program. I really can’t. But only if you do plan to use it every day! (If you only use it for two months and give up, then yea, it’d be a waste. But that’s basic logic.)

Disclaimer: A Dukan Diet site account, 2 books, and a few food products were delivered to me at no charge to review. My opinions are 100% honest of what I feel, and there was no compensation taken or offered to write these Dukan Diet reviews in any direction.

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