Meet the Kritures from Portugal!

by on Thursday, December 10th, 2009

funny giftsWhen I saw these, I couldn’t pass up how eat-them-up-so-smooshy-omg-ahhh cute they were. They are Kritures, and you can more at the Kriture website. The animated creatures on the site are adorable, and I think they should have their own web-series. If you’d like to buy a Kriture, or a Kriture keychain/pin/etc there is a Kriture Etsy shop to visit. What’s so great as a bonus is that all of the Kriture’s have personalities you can read about. For instance, Glanell (the blue Kriture) “is a sweet tooth kriture, he can find good pollen and a very small specie of berries.”

These would make great gifts for guys or gals. Made by a creative woman in Portugal, I think the prices for shipping to the USA are very reasonable ($6). The Kriture’s themselves are also very reasonable, and these definitley are something you would call a unique gift.  Let someone know you understand their sense of humor by getting them something that is quirky and sweet. It’s so much easier than renting a singing clown!

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