MagicKitchen Review: Gourmet Meals Delivered to Your Door

by on Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

We recently were able to review several food items from They are a service that delivers you prepared meals. The frozen meals arrive in a large package (with dried ice, don’t touch it!) and all you do is put them in your freezer. The directions are clearly labeled on top of every item. Some items you’ll take out to defrost the morning you plan to cook them. Everything is packaged easily in either 2 servings or 4 servings. This mix-and-match idea allows people of different lifestyles to order what is best for them.

If you aren’t a big fan of cooking (or doing dishes) then you’ll love this service! You can eat at home without any hassle and without a pizza delivery box.Do you want gourmet meals delivered? Then read on! was founded in 2005 with the aim of providing quality, nutritious frozen meals for seniors and busy families. Customers flocked to the site and were happy to discover that the meals made great gifts for new parents, sympathy and get well gifts, and that they were great for busy workers who needed fast, nutritious meals on the go.

Whether you’re ordering for a one-time event or you’re looking for a healthy meal plan, the flexibility of the online ordering system will make your time here enjoyable and stress free. Home cooked meals delivered. From the chefs at

Better than your average frozen foods, the meal items are uniformly tasty and will please both you and your family. Here is our review of the foods we were able to taste over several days:

Chicken Ana Luisa: A Favorite! It’s no surprise to us that this is a best-seller. This takes just 45 minutes in the oven. I cooked it about five minutes more. You can cook it from a frozen state. This is a delicious food item that I would never typically get the chance to eat anywhere but a restaurant. Chicken breasts are stuffed with “imported gourmet cheeses in a rich cream sauce, delicate pieces of artichoke and pieces of savory gourmet ham.” If you’re afraid of artichokes, don’t be. This pleased everyone at the meal. (Two servings for $19.99. Four servings for $38.99.)

Stuffed Baked Potato: Even just one half of this potato is filling. The top of the potato has some shredded cheese, and you can even add extra. Just make sure not to overbake these or you’ll dry them out. I wish there had been more chives, but they were still yummy. The taste of the different ingredients (i.e. sour cream) could have been a little stronger. What was remarkable is that the potato skin was as good as any potato I bake on my own. I didn’t know it’d hold up that well! (2 Servings $9.49, 4 Servings $17.99.)

Buttered Carrots: A Favorite! These are not your typical carrots. They’ve been doctored with fresh flavors for a much-loved side dish at our tables. “There’s more carrots, right?” was heard in my midst. Running low on time because everyone was hungry, I opted to microwave these rather than bake them. And they tasted wonderful. I can’t imagine that baking the carrots would make a huge difference, which means you can save a lot of time! Not having to chop or prepare the carrots also saves time and dishes. If vegetables are a hard sell for your little ones (or yourself!) these sweet, buttered carrot coins are something you should try. (2 Servings $8.99, 4 Servings $16.99.)

Panna Cotta: A Favorite! I was unfamiliar with what panna cotta was, but now my entire family considers themselves fans of this desert. Easy to prepare, this Italian style desert is like a creamy custard that’s only complete with the addition of Raspberry sauce. You can really taste the vanilla in this desert. I fell in love! So eas to prepare, all you do is take it out of the freezer for an hour. You can save dishes by eating it in its container – or as you’ll see below – flip it as you’re supposed to on a flat and eat it as a beautiful-looking treat. (4 servings $14.99.)

Tiramisu: The important thing with this dessert is to allow it enough time to thaw. It’s definitely good.  Each serving is so large that you could easily split them. Slice it diagonally so you have two pretty triangular pieces! I think the longer you defrost this in the fridge is for the better. (2 Servings $11.99, 4 Servings $22.99.)

Portabella/Shiitake Mushroom Ravioli: A Favorite! This is probably my favorite item from MagicKitchen, and now I’m learning it’s actually a low fat version of other Ravioli options. I loved this so much I could have eaten an extra serving. The combination of meaty portabellas and flavorful shitake mushrooms are great with pasta and some tomato and pesto sauce. You must try this. It’s the perfect combination of ingredients  for a dinner you’ll eagerly anticipate all day. (2 Servings $14.99, 4 Servings $28.99.)

Fire-Roasted Vegetables en Croute: Well, you can’t love everything. And this is the one thing that I got to taste that I didn’t like. The crust was really yummy and flaky. Instead, there are a lot of fire-roasted vegetables. You can actually see the grill marks. And these are very generous portions of vegetables, like large slices of eggplant and mushrooms with bell peppers, wheat berries, spinach, and pesto. I think vegetarians might enjoy this more. I’m just not so used to eating so many vegetables at once, and wheat berries and eggplant are kind of foreign to me. I also felt like the heating for this was maybe a little complicated. I might have defrosted it too much before cooking, which is my fault. You have to defrost for only 2 hours in the fridge before cooking. So, sadly, this dish wasn’t for me even though it looked really pretty. (2 Servings $18.99, 4 Servings $36.99.)

Deep-Dish Chicken Pot Pie: A Favorite! What makes this pot pie so tasty? Is it the healthy veggies, the flaky crust, or the tender chicken? Whatever the case, I ate every crumb of my hearty serving! The taste is terrifically good.  This is a savory dinner option, perfect for winter nights. You don’t thaw this at all – just cook for an easy 40 minutes. It says you should brush the crust with mayonnaise but I just used a little vegetable oil. (1 Serving $8.49, 2 Servings $15.99, 4 Servings $30.99.)

Try it yourself! Discount Code! Get gourmet meals delivered to your home! MagicKitchen is offering you guys free delivery on orders over $50.00. The promo code to use is: shessmart

Check out the MagicKitchen today!

For four full meals (including deserts) for two people, you can order a meal bundle for approx $130.00. Whether you’re looking for good diabetic meals and foods, diet food delivered to your door, food delivered to your home, or special gourmet meals delivered to your door – you’ll find what you’re looking for. All of these foods seemed gourmet to me.

Personal pictures, keep in mind I am not a great photographer in general, and photographing food is even harder than typical things!

Did I make these myself? Psh, no way!

Disclosure: Items were sent for review, but we were not compensated in any way for this review.

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