Inspirational Wall Quotes: Decals

by on Saturday, January 29th, 2011

This is an inspirational post of quote decals for walls. I used the sites and because I’ve reviewed and used decals from both of these places before.

inspirational wall quotes decals

Happiness is taking a long hot bubble bath. Trading Phrases

quote decals

You again? Didn’t you just eat yesterday? Go away. : Trading Phrases (I would get a custom quote made from this, because I don’t think it’s a very healthy message to say “yesterday” as though we shouldn’t eat something every day. Sorry to be all preachy! But it sends your brain a very bad message!)

quote decals for walls

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…it’s learning to dance in the rain. Trading Phrases (Okay, admittedly I mostly wanted to show this fabulous couch.)

quote wall decals

inspirational wall quotes decals

Wake every morning as though something wonderful is about to happen! Trading Phrases (I think this is a really great reminder.)

Keep Calm and Carry On. Trading Phrases

inspirational wall quotes decals

Creativity Definition. Right On the Walls (This is awesome, I really want this. I might print this phrase out artistically and frame it! I like reminders of things like this, to keep you in a creative zone.)

quote decals

Dwell in Possibility. – Emily Dickinson. Right On The Walls

wall quotes decals

Life Isn’t About Finding Yourself … It’s About Creating Yourself. — E.W. Wucox Right On The Walls (This would be a great decal for a dorm room, no?)

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