India Rose Bedding Pictures: The Best and Similar Pieces

by on Friday, May 27th, 2011

The first time I saw a picture of India Rose Bedding I fell in love with it. Here, I’m going to share the best pieces. Even if you aren’t looking to buy a new comforter or duvet, I think (if you’re a decor whore, like moi) you’ll really appreciate how beautiful they are. They’re actually a little whimsical and quirky, actually. Many have polka dots, and bright color combination’s. Ruffles are another thing to look for.

Like India Rose: If you’re trying to find bedding like India Rose sells, look for polka dots, ruffles, and colors like white, black scroll designs, lime green, aqua and navy. I have four examples below these pictures.

Lucy Queen Duvet by India Rose

Ida India Rose Bedding

Canggu Duvet. Find them all at Burke Decor.

Bedding Pieces you can combine to be like India Rose:

  1. Style&co. Bedding, Dreamcatcher Comforter and Duvet Cover Sets from Macys, HERE
  2. Vera Wang Bedding, French Paisley Collection from Macys, HERE
  3. Vera Wang Bedding, Lotus Collection from Macys, HERE
  4. Cody Direct Ring of Flowers Bedspread Coordinates from Kohls, HERE

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