I Love It: How to Cheat Your Kitchen by Making Deluxe Foods without SUCH Hassle

by on Monday, May 10th, 2010

raspberry trifleIt’s hard to get me feeling enthusiastic about cooking, but something has me feeling that way today. I caught a segment on the Today Show with a woman named Sandra Lee. I’m not going to run down her entire bio ( I’ll link ya) but suffice it to say – she’s the woman behind the show Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee. In addition to that Food Network show, she has published several books.

EDIT/UPDATE: I am challenging myself to make some of these things tonight, and may provide pictorial proof! PRAY FOR MY KITCHEN.

Since I’m also a TV blogger, I am now recognizing the name and know she has an additional Food Network show called Sandra’s Money Saving Meals. Basically, she’s ALL over the map. But before you’re like “stop trying to be Martha Stewart and being everywhere!” hold on for a minute. If you are anything like me, you equate something like “Money Saving Meals” to mean boring/basic/not appetizing in the least. And when you learn that she’s also into being nutritious – that’s another notch in the column for the food not being appetizing. AND YET! Based on what I’ve seen – it is. The food looks simple and good, so I’m energized and ready to plan out a menu of my own from my favorite items.

Usually, recipes that I find and want to do have items that are expensive and so specific you’d never use them again (so it’s pointless). This isn’t the case! Half of the ingredients I already have.mango margaritas

Sandra Lee gave a Mother’s Brunch menu, and it sounds really delicious (and do-able, even for a non-expert like me). So here’s the menu:

  • Sugar and Spice Bacon
  • Apricot and cream cheese stuffed French toast
  • Peach Bellini Cocktail or Mocktail
  • White Chocolate Scones
  • Melon salad (honey dew, watermelon, cantaloupe) with raspberry vinaigrette

The recipes for the first two items is on the MSNBC website, but oddly (and sadly) the other three items aren’t. I probably am less enthused about the sugary bacon than most everything else – although I am not wild about scones… But the other three things look easy to do, decadent, and yummy. And now they have the full video!

scropinoAdditional recipes I found and wanted to link you guys to:

Pictures are from semihomemade.com

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