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by on Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Like many, I started entering online giveaways during a low period in my life that wasn’t very busy (read: unemployed.) So, I started with big sites like giveaways for magazines. Big surprises went along with that – namely the surprise that I never won anything no matter how hard I tried. Then I realized that other websites (and gasp, blogs) had giveaways that were just as good or better than what the magazines offered. Well, within two months I’d won Gilmore Girls season 7 on DVD, and Angel the Complete Series on DVD! I was charmed. I knew there was a real possibility to win these blog giveaways. Even better, I was able to connect and learn about the lives of the people running the giveaways. Say all you want, but human connection in any form is always important. We can’t forget that the Internet is not just used for icky things (I’m not even going to name them) it’s also used for wonderful purposes.

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So. Let’s move to today. I’m a writer and I write here, duh. Something I love doing is providing reviews. Whenever I’m making a purchase (or even going to a restaurant) I like to go online and try to find a review of it. Yes, I’m far too analytical, blah blah blah! Offering giveaways is something that I love because it rewards readers after exposing them to new, great items! (Although I’m aware that some of the people who enter never read any other posts, and that’s okay, that’s their right. But it does bum me out, yea.)

I now realize how time-consuming running blog giveaways are, and I utilize my online calendar a lot more. You have to be devoted, willing to work with press people, be aware of dates etc. There’s a lot of time that gets taken up. (Appreciate, yo!) But more than that, people are sometimes unaware of how to go about entering giveaways. So, I give you…

How to Enter Blog Giveaways, the Steps:

  1. There’s generally a mandatory entry. Often it involves visiting the sponsors website. We ask you to do this to support them, so please always do it. We know when you don’t – and they know when you guys didn’t. Google Analytics tells us all sorts of things like that! You do not have to leave your e-mail in this comment or any other, unless the page says to. When you enter your name and e-mail to post a comment, your e-mail is not shown to anyone but the blog owner.
  2. Extra entries are always a great way to possibly win.
  • Facebook: You’ll be asked to “like” a page, and sometimes post on the wall. Try not to leave a generic message. I like to give prompts for you guys sometimes. And this might be for the blogs FB or for the companies, or both! Everyone likes support.
  • Twitter: Usually you’ll be asked to follow the blog and the sponsor, and then RT a message for another point. It usually will say if this is a daily tweet you can do or not.
  • Newsletter or RSS feed: Sign up and get a point. On we give you that point even if you signed up before.

What is the point of all of that? Exposure! Support, promote, etc!

How to Enter Blog Giveaways, More Notes:

  1. Be aware that blog giveaways give you a better chance to win than most major giveaways. This is my experience! I also know that has seen several winners more than once!
  2. Know the prize, and figure out how much it’s worth to you. Is it worth entering this giveaway? Do you, or anyone you know, want this item? If you really want the giveaway prize, and there’s only one copy of the DVD (or whatever the prize is) then you’ll want to utilize your extra entries to gain more possibilities of winning.
  3. Read the rules to see if the giveaway is open to the USA, CANADA, etc. Most will not mail to P.O boxes, and this is because the sponsor can’t/won’t.
  4. Blog giveaways: How to do them? Check out other blog giveaways and see what they do. Hopefully some of these tips will help!

Questions? That’s what I’m here for. Comments, suggestions? Lay ’em on me!

Helpful Giveaway Link: Try Online-Sweepstakes for an organized system that collects data on tons of giveaways going on. I submit all of our giveaways there. I also submit my giveaways there.

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