Homedics Total Coverage Shiatsu Massage Cushion Review (Thumbs Down!)

by on Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

For a birthday reward, I bought myself the Total Coverageā„¢ Shiatsu Massage Cushion MCS-700H (Here at Homedics) from Bed Bath & Beyond. There were three massage pads to test on the floor (and I sat in them all – probably for too long…but no one else was testing them!), and this was my favorite because it had shoulder areas. It was also the most expensive at $200.00 but I’d been eyeing these chair pads for (literally) years so I bought it for myself! Yup. I took the plunge! And I was excited.

homedics total coverage shiatsu massage cushion review

I really wanted to love this thing, but I can’t. And here’s why:

  1. The back is not ergonomic. Massage pads for chairs have straight backs. The human back is not straight (no matter how often my 8th grade English teacher told us to sit up straight – it was impossible for a reason!). No matter if they boast about a joystick to find your exact back ache, you still don’t have a back that will lay flat against this thing. This means you cannot sit still in the chair without kind of tilting your back as the massage works. It also means you cannot use the back and the shoulders at once, because there’s no way to contort yourself into position where it reaches those areas naturally. Of course, maybe they don’t have technology to do it any any curved way so it’s not their fault. But it’s defined a flaw. You end up having to kind of strain and move your back into position for any massage cushion. Really, for any chair massage pad reviews you’ll probably find this is something you have to just deal with. And I would, if there weren’t two other major problems.
  2. The chair is bulky. I have a nice, leather, executive chair at my desk. You’re supposed to be able to use the two velcro straps on the Massage Cushion to attach it to “almost any chair.” Well, there’s no way it would go around this chair. And without strapping it to the chair, it just flops forward. And that’s a major no, no, especially with my new kitten, Annabelle, hopping everywhere all the time. She’d be smooshed under this thing! I tried to think of a way I could keep this, but the idea of where to store this giant thing is a major problem. Getting it into position to use it and then putting it away ended up feeling like such a headache that I never wanted to use it. That means it would collect dust and become a very expensive dust pan.
  3. Unless you’re 6 feet tall with BROAD SHOULDERS like a man in a Harlequin romance, the neck part won’t reach you. The neck massager part that I wanted so badly is the worst feature. Neither I, nor my friend, or Mom liked it. The problem is that it doesn’t touch you! I’m 5’7 and I’m still far too short for this thing (even when I push the buttons to make it go down as far as it can) to touch my actual shoulders. It is also spaced so far apart that it’s literally like it surrounds me when I lay back, and nothing touches me. I tried using a cushion to sit on, but that was problematic because then the back massage part doesn’t work then, and the act of trying to sit on the cushion without falling forward was a major hassle. To get the shoulders to massage me, I had to sit on a pillow, tilt the chair into position, strain my back upwards and back, and be careful not to relax (which is what is supposed to happen during a massage) or I’d stop feeling the massage knobs. Argh!

…And this is supposed to be RELAXING.

homedics total coverage shiatsu massage cushion review

homedics total coverage shiatsu massage cushion review: BAH!

Earlier versions of a similar model seem to be much better than this one with the joystick. I sat in one of those earlier models, and that’s why I decided to buy this. But that was so very different.

I have one other Homedics product, which I actually like quite well and works after 2 years of use. But I’m very disappointed in this Total Coverage Shiatsu Massage Cushion.

So, I debated whether or not there was enough of a redeeming value to keeping this chair, but I cannot justify spending so much money on something that is so much of a headache. Sigh.

Do you have any chair massage pad reviews you want to offer? Used any that you love? Used one that you hated?

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