Oooh! Handmade, Whimsical Dolls for Children that are as Unique as they are Cute

by on Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

whimsical dollsThe instant I saw the Blabla kids creations, I became a fan. The company was created by friends Florence Wetterwald and Susan Pritchett after they visited Peru and saw villages devoted to knitting. Wetterwald designs the blabla’s, and Peruvian artists handknit them using natural fibers grown right in Peru. They are known for being super soft, and I can attest to that fact.

What is a blabla? I’m going to quote the website on this, “It means everything and nothing, it’s a swirl of letters flying, a small world for a big idea… ‘Happiness fits in the palm of the hand.’ Blabla searches for beauty, authenticity and laughter.” The blabla collection includes dolls of all sorts, rattles, backpacks, puppets, keychains, mobiles, and doll clothing.

I think the dolls are amazing – from the quirky “Boogalos” to the “Classic blablas”. The mobiles are also something that really caught my eye.

owl mobileAnd now I think it’s time for you to meet the new man in my life… Mr. X! He is a Parisian fellow, and he is mysterious. Of course, he loves to have fun. My first word was “doll” so it comes as no surprise that to this very day I still love dolls. The Boogalo’s and Classic Blabla dolls are both exceptionally cute. They range from adorable to quirky – and come in different sizes. These unique, excellent-quality creations can be gifts that you can give as keepsakes. Children will not be embarrassed to keep them in their room as they get older, and maybe even take them to their first college dorm room.

I love the size of Mr. X, he sits perfectly on a bookshelf, and he is additively fun to toss into the air and catch. Playing with these dolls happens naturally, whether you planned to or not. I can’t imagine having a more perfect doll to carry about as a child. They’re easy to carry, and fun to look at.quirky doll

Something I l always remember is how my Grandma used to group all sorts of vintage dolls and teddy bears in her house either in baskets or in shelves. I believe the Blabla’s would be perfect grouped together. They all compliment each other, while all looking very distinct on their own. If you’re someone who never knows what to buy for your children, cousins, or niece/nephews – consider these. It’s an easy go-to gift, as you can give them another Blabla for their collection every year. This works very well with the classic Blabla dolls, as you can buy new clothing for them.

Boogaloo’s and Classic Blabla’s come in two sizes. Mini (6″) and Original (10″). There are dolls geared for females, and dolls geared for males. The whimsical dolls we love:
handmade dolls for children

Owl Dream Ring Mobile $52 (Shown above the collage.)
Mr. X ON SALE $30
(Shown above the collage.)
Mini Anouk $29
Watson $34
Trixie Baby Doll $44
Mini Giselle the Ballerina $34
Josephine the Elephant $44
Andiamo the Dog $44
Giant Anemone Mermaid Doll $156
Lavender Sweater/Hat $24

Check out the blabla kids website for more handmade dolls for children. And stay tuned for a blabla giveaway!

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