Great Gift Ideas for Women: Don’t Fret Anymore!

by on Friday, November 12th, 2010

All About Gifts & Baskets sent me the Deepest Appreciation Gift Basket. I mean, they’re just so grateful for my existence in this world! Kidding. They sent it to be reviewed. And even though I don’t know this company well, this gift was personalized (with a ribbon that had my name on it, and yes, it felt very cool) and it made me feel appreciated. Imagine the effects that will occur if you send one to someone you actually do know and want to thank.

Here is the description:

Show your gratitude for a job well done with our basket full of gourmet goodies. Perfect for a colleague, client or friend, we’ve included only the best selection of sweet and savory treats. Inside the reusable tray basket they’ll find a Ghirardelli Chocolate and Caramel Square, Foccacia Crisps, French Vanilla Cocoas, Angelina’s Butter Cookies, English Breakfast Tea Canister, Harney and Son’s Tea, Napa Valley Honey Mustard Nuggets, Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Coffee and Brent and Sam’s Soft and Chew Cookie. For the perfect presentation we’ve wrapped the gift up in a personalized ribbon.

Note – This item includes a personalization option: Ribbon Message (e.g., Phrase or Saying) (Free of charge). You may specify this information during our checkout process.

Here’s why I love gift baskets: they give you a ton of stuff all at once, and it’s all different. In this case, it was definietly things I wouldn’t necessarily get for myself, and things I hadn’t even heard of before. The Foccacia Crisps they included were so good, and I ate them with some deli meat and cheese for dinner one night while watching The Office. Angelina’s Butter Cookies are a brand with the PRETTIEST boxes with old-world romantic angels and flowers on them. (Not cheesy, it’s beautiful.) Gah! And I don’t like straight-up coffee, but I’m down for flavored kinds.

The only stuff I won’t use here is the tea, which I can give away to my sisters since they’re crazy for tea. The basket wasn’t like, SUPER, sturdy, but it was pretty for sure. The presentation of the basket with the giant ribbon was awesome. And I liked that things weren’t stuck together too hard, I didn’t have to fight to get the basket to release the goodies unto me. Mwahaha.

As great gift ideas for women go, gift baskets will ALWAYS be a big hit! To give you a personal example – when I was in college the gals in my dorm who got gift baskets were always so happy. Secondly, when you move into your first apartment, it’s SO nice to have a gift basket delivered because you aren’t used to buying your own groceries yet. When it’s midnight and you need a snack, you’ll be eternally grateful to your Mom who sent you a care package via a prepared gift basket from three states away. The amazing thing is, you don’t even have to have good taste – these baskets are already put together for you. Add in the cost of the basket, ribbon, making it sturdy, and shipping – and these are really a great deal.

Here are some other great gift baskets that caught my eye:

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Shop: Great Gift Baskets

Disclosure: An item was sent for review, there was no  monetary compensation.

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