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by on Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Graphique is an online shop that publishes all sorts of goodies from stationery to wall decals. Because they have production centers in North America, Asia and Europe they are able to closely follow design trends to create the most fashionable products. Some people don’t realize how important a font can be (until it’s time to pick Wedding invitations – then they worry about font selection for a month). I love Graphique because they embrace style the way I want to embrace style in my everyday life.

chandelier decals

I love Graphique because they embrace style the way I want to embrace style in my everyday life.

I received some products from to review, which included Home Decals (TM)  from the Fashion-Forward selections (Chandelier, Framed) as well as the Lively Garden set which notably has a smooth surface of subdued glitter on the wall decals. I also received the absolute cutest notecards with a birds nest on them from Le Petite Presse,  Purse Notes, Week by Week notepad, and a Desk Frame in the Flowers Make me Smile print. (How did they know flowers make me smile – do they have ultra-secret-super spies?! I can’t put it past them!)

chandelier decal

The She’s Smart Appeal:  They might say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but can we judge something by its name? I adore France and all French-things. So the name of the shop itself pulls me right in to get comfy amongst luxurious things. (And maybe put on Marie-Antoinette, or at least the soundtrack!)

Decals are something I’ve looked at longingly for a while, but still never committed to any particular design. I felt like the investment wouldn’t be worth it since I couldn’t reuse the decal or move it if I didn’t love the placement. But with Home Decals from this site I can do that all I want. Suddenly, there are all these possibilities that I can jive with! (Yea, I jive – what of it?!) I’m someone that loves to change the way my bedroom looks, so these are kind of perfect-o.

For the stationery/paper products – it’s all colorful and cute (with a strong presence of both green and pink) which means it’s stuff I do want to leave out on my desk and it won’t feel like clutter. Which is great, because clutter makes my brain feel noisy!

frame decals

The She’s Smart Pro’s: The wall decals are able to be repositioned and reused. That’s the biggest pro there could be when it comes to wall decals, I think. The pieces are numbered, and there are handy instructions included in the package. If you’re nervous about using the decals (I was, I’ll admit it – I’m a pansy!) just remind yourself that this isn’t permanent and you have room for mistakes. I was able to stick a decal on the wall, leave it, and then peel it off with no harm to the paint or decal. And it was STILL sticky! Hooray!

For the Desk Calendar, you position it in such a way that it’s easy to get to the paper inside. That’s easy-peasy! I am especially a mega  fan of the Week-by-Week calendar because it closes neatly, opens flat –  but inside it has a pen, notepad, and week-by-week outlined chart which I will be using aaaaalll of the time. Before, I was just using a notebook, because I don’t do anything fancy with Google Calendar or anything like that. As much as I love the net, sometimes I just want to hold my notes! And the Purse Notes have a magnetic closure which is always a super nice touch. And all of these are embellished with some glittery aspects (which no, don’t rub off on your fingers)!

The She’s Smart Con’s: While many of the Home Decals come in small sections and it works out fine, I wish that the Chandelier was able to come in one big piece so I wouldn’t have to arrange it myself. But there are numbers to help you position everything. They suggest using a level, but you can also just find a ruler or something. And I don’t think you can buy a Chandelier wall decal anywhere that comes in one big piece, anyway.

When I put the decals on the floor to look at them, our Shop Cat came over and tried to sit on them! She is ALWAYS trying to steal everything for herself! I threatened to decal her, and she finally retreated to one of her many claimed-areas. (I’m going to have to start sleeping on the street, man.)

flowers make me smile

The She’s Smart Bottom Line: This is a great site, with quality products. People would love to get the gift of Home Decals, and when you place your order you can add another special product to the cart at the same time. For yourself – you’re bound to find more than a few things you’d love to have. And nothing is so expensive that it makes me cringe about having to pay. I’m a little frugal, yes!

It’s great that you can buy several products all in the same design, because that really helps unify the look for your desk or to give as a gift.

Shop the site: GraphiqueDeFrance.  They have calendars, greeting cards, stationery, decals and eco-friendly products.

Giveaway: FIVE WINNERS (5) will receive a Home Decal of their choice. Make sure to list which one you’d want to win because that is the one you will be sent!


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– Note which Home Decal you’d like to win in each e-mail, because this makes it so much easier for me to track.

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USA residents 18+ only, no P.O boxes. Winner chosen by The winner(s) will be e-mailed. The winner is picked on  December 14th, 2009!

Good luck to all of you smart ladies, and have a sparkling day of genuine smiles. You KNOW that you deserve it. XO – Jessica Rae

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