I Love These! Enjoy Lighting Flameless Candles Review

by on Saturday, November 13th, 2010

I’m a big fan of tradition, but something I can’t always get behind are traditional candles. Flameless candles from Enjoy Lighting are awesome. It uses three LED bulbs that operate on batteries. The candles are made of real wax, and can be scented. They’re offered in several different sizes and colors.

flameless candles reviews

I received the Ivory Smooth Vanilla Scented Flameless Wax Candles. As with real candles, you don’t really smell them unless you’re very close to them. They look like real candles, for sure. They flicker a little and give you that perfect golden atmosphere. They glow!

flameless candle with timer

Sky Blue Distressed Pillars

Being flameless means these are totally safe to use. They’re safe around pets (no need to worry about your cats tail), kids, people at parties or weddings with long skirts… I mean, candles always make me nervous! People love to light candles during fancy dinners, such as Christmas dinner. But it always makes me nervous when people (in long-sleeved holiday sweaters, no less) reaching to pass things – I don’t want anyone to catch on fire! Add kids to the mixture, and my worry only intensifies! I’m just a very cautious person. If you’re a parent, you probably are as well. (I don’t have an excuse, I’m just an excessive worrier.)

flameless candle review

Coconut Delight Distressed Pillar, Coconut Honeysuckle Mottle Trio, Honeysuckle Distressed Pillar

Another thing is that these can be timed to shut off out at a certain time frame. I’m not sure of why anyone would need that, but I suppose if you were having an outdoor party (oh, there’s no chance the wind would blow these out!) and you were hoping people would leave around a certain time then if you time the candles to go out after 6 hours, then voila – they’ll get the hint. The only downsides to these are that they require 4 AA batteries, and I wish they only needed 1 or 2, and it’s difficult to read the bottom to see what the switches are labeled as.

flameless candle review

Vanilla Smooth Pillars

Ivory & Beeswax Pillars

• Available in 3×4”, 3×6”, 3×8”, 4×6”, 4×8” (I recommend at least two in two different heights)

• Astonishingly realistic 100,000 hour Triple-LED flickering light source.

• Available with Multi-Hour Timer  (4, 6, 8 hours) Mode or Dim/Bright Mode. (Mine don’t have a dim/bright mode that I can see, even though they allegedly have one..)

• 300+ Hour Battery Life

• Requires 4 ‘AA’ Batteries

• Realistic Melted Edge (Without it, these would look fake. I am not, however, a fan of the option with the wax drips as that screams FAKE to me.)

• Distinct Vanilla Fragrance

Shop: Enjoy Lighting

best flameless candles

Sweet Basil Distressed Pillar, Tropical Herb Mottled Trio, Coconut Delight Distressed Pillar.

Disclosure: Products were sent for review purposes, but no monetarily compensation was received.

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