Eco Friendly Creative Gift Wrapping Techniques that are Easy and Quick

by on Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Sometimes you want to do creative gift wrapping for a present, but you also don’t want to spend another $10 on those fancy tissue papers and glittery bags. I mean, people often throw that stuff out already, which means it’s a waste of money for a moment of “Wowza!” and it’s also not eco-friendly at all. Ergo, I’m not a fan of that stuff.

creative gift wrapping techniques

While I do my best to use only eco friendly shopping bags (Chico Bags!) sometimes I have an excess paper bag from the grocery store. And this is your best friend! Look what I made above? You may think it’s silly, but it’s not personal to you! Anyway, my friend loved it. Story time!

My friend had a birthday coming, and I wanted to wrap her birthday presents in more than just normal wrapping paper. I mean, I honestly didn’t know if I had anything that wasn’t Christmas-themed, but I also felt like it wouldn’t feel super special. (“Oh, boring wrapping paper, how uninventive and insincere…”) My perfectionist streak wouldn’t allow it. The more special the person, the more you are! So I opted for this odd little thing that actually turned out to be something she LOVED.

Creative Critter: All you need is some markers and a brown paper bag. You put the gifts inside, but not until you’ve decorated it to be an animal or caricature of a person. I decided to make mine into the animal of a Meerkat (she loved Meerkat Manor). Despite googling images of them, I still didn’t do awesome…it’s okay. It’s still fun! And I cut some brown paper bag away and used it for ears and a tail. If you have glitter or any crafty things, you can then add it all on to that. Use what you have, and make it personal! If your friend has a collection of pandas, then turn the bag into a panda! It’s easy. And they’ll appreciate any artistic effort you make, even if you’re not the best artist.

eco friendly gift wrapping techniques

Stamp it: Another way you can be eco friendly with a brown paper bag is to use a stamp you already have, and stamp the pattern over the bag. You can even attach a little gift note on the outside.

pretty reusable shopping bags

Reusable Grocery Bags: Yet another way is to put your gift/gifts in an actual eco friendly bag, and tie it. Boom, then the eco friendly grocery bag is part of the gift! Again, I recommend Chico Bags.

Potato-Chip Bag Gift Wrap: You may have a bad habit of eating chips, but you can benefit from it! Just cut it open, turn it inside out, and rinse in soap water. Let it dry, then wrap your present using the shiny side outward. It’ll look super expensive and fun! This is another of the eco friendly gift wrapping techniques.

Do you have creative gift wrapping ideas you can share with us?

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