Creative Dresser Ideas: Copy these Stenciled Designs

by on Friday, January 6th, 2012

To create a truly creative dresser try implementing a version of this design to one of your own pieces.

Shown is the “Nine Drawer Chest” by RSH Catalog. Constructed of dark mahogany, you’d never guess it. “Awash in blue and cream, the artwork is a rendition of an ornate Louis XVI dresser. Ball feet complete the look.”

I think this is kind of a shabby chic look without being too dated as a Martha Stewart kind of deal. It almost looks like it was limed, in fact. I love that it’s transformed into a really playful, sweet piece of furniture by having the Louis XVI dresser painted on the bulky dresser. I have no clue why (and this will sound a bit weird), but it reminds me of the feelings (of magic and beauty!) that I get when I think of The Nutcracker.

You can find the page with this piece of furniture here. However, the price is well over $1,000. So how could you practically achieve a similar look?

Creative Dresser Ideas

1. Take an old dresser and paint the entire thing in a pale wash of blue. You can experiment with paint techniques to give it an aged look, like the sponge off or rag off way. Then use stencils of something sweet like birds in different sizes or a damask pattern, using an off-white color that almost fades into the blue. (Hint: for dimension you could spray paint the stencils with two differnet colors, or use the paint on technique but with two different colors. Stencil images are from Stencil Cafe) If you’re feeling brave, use a pen to sketch emphasis around the birds with some shadows. Or, fill in details of the wings if you’re a good artist.

2. Do the same paint technique I mentioned above, and then actually copy the Louis XVI idea. I suspect you’d want to find the outline of this online and then blow it up several times (ask a pro or a librarian how to best do this) until you are able to trace the image. Because this would require some artistic talent, you might see about hiring someone to do this part. If you do the initial painting, and already have the wooden piece, the price won’t be too expensive. The artist could then paint the Louis desk on just the front, or the front and sides. But skip the back unless people will actually see it.

> If you don’t want to do blue and whites, try peach background and gold.

> There are actually a lot of Stenciled Dresser Ideas I want to share, suddenly! It all gives the same kind of romantic, antique feel. Try stenciling just the sides of a dresser or just the top.

Also, try painting against a matte color in the same color – but as a metallic. See that at work here. That’s a metallic white over what appears to be  a light beige color and it looks so elegant. Stencils used there are by Cutting Edge Stencils.

The colors are monochromatic so they look quite serious here. But you can be more playful…


3. I’m inspired even just by the ornate key spaces and hardware, so you could against take to a stencil and spray paint those types of images over each drawer on a dresser.

P.S. What can you do with a dresser without drawers? You can turn it into a cabinet!

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