Five cool gadgets for women (2010)

by on Thursday, May 27th, 2010

This is a post dedicated to cool gadgets for women available now in 2010. Technology keeps increasing its powers (or POWERZ!), so sometimes it can be easy to miss cool, new items that have come out recently. So, in this post, I’ll be covering five of the gadgets that I think are coolest for right now. When I told one of my male friends I was writing this, they immediately made a joke that it would be a post about vibrators. That is not the case! At least not right now.

Do we need technology, or do we need a dictionary? Oops!

Do we need technology, or do we need a dictionary? Oops!

By Sammy0716.

And I won’t be featuring tool kits that are made for women because they’re in the color of pink. I’m not one to deny that the color pink is great, but I don’t think that warrants the label of a cool gadget. Blame me if you want, but I just can’t get excited about a screwdriver. Unless it’s the drink. And even then I prefer mojito’s.

Instead, I’m featuring a key finder for those who easily lose objects (it’s not your fault!), an emergency key ring attachment (for worst-case-scenarios), an eBook reader that’s better than the Kindle, digital dog tags that record important info, and tangible digital photo cards you can send to family and friends. Sound interesting? Then let’s get reading.

Cool Gadgets for Women Product #1:

EZ-FIND! 25 Item Wireless Electronic Locator

EZ-FIND! 25 Item Wireless Electronic Locator

best keyfinders 2best keyfinders

My first pick for cool gadgets is something that is designed to make your life a whole hell of a lot easier. And doesn’t that sound nice? Don’t you just want to go “aaaah, yes!”? I do.  The EZ Find Wireless Electronic Locator can help you program and find up to 25  (25!) different items. Do you even have 25 objects you lose on a daily basis? I certainly hope not. But there are some things like keys, glasses, library cards or TV remote controls that really can be a pain when you can’t locate them. I’ll admit that I lose these items far more than I should. Well, I don’t lose them – but I misplace them. There’s a difference!  And it’s such a pain to track them down. So this kind of purchase of a key finder seems like a solid one.

If you are often late because of misplacing things, you will find this to be a pretty great buy.  And you don’t have to tell anyone your new trick to suddenly being on time for everything. And what’s cool is that there are 32 positive reviews for this on Amazon.

Price: $59.99.

Click for more details about the EZ key finder.

>> Runner Up: I also like the looks of the Orliv Smart Wireless Remote Control Key finder. It has 23 very very positive reviews.

Price: This item is ON SALE for $49.99.

Click for more details about the Orliv Smart key finder.

Cool Gadgets for Women Product #2:

break car windowsescape your carswiss body guardhow to escape your car

My next pick is something I like because I am constantly afraid of ending up in a scene from Alias, where my car is submerged in water and I have to free myself! … Yes, I’m a bit of a worry-wort. But sometimes accidents happen, so it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. I was a Girl Scout, and they frown on being ill-prepared. So, I bring you the Swiss Tech BGCSBK BodyGard 5-in-1 Multi-Function Emergency Tool with Key Ring. This is a small “micro tool” made to fit on your keychain, but it has many purposes. Five purposes, to be specific.

This product has a automatic glass breaker, safety-blade seat belt cutter, sonic alarm, flashing red light ot signal distress and the event of an emergency, and bright-white LED flashlight. Whether you’re in your car and there’s a fire or an accident this is the device that could help save your life. “The small, tough ABS nylon housing has a Glow in the Dark Panel for quick location. Lithium Batteries included to provide a Personal Safety Kit securely attached to an included Key Ring.” It’s an excellent-sounding product, of course – you can’t really test this out until you need to use it. And I hope you never need to use most of these items. Although, a good flashlight is handy for anything. (Like, say you’re on a camping trip in the woods and you have to pee in the bushes… just sayin’!)

* Spring-loaded point breaks car side windows for fast escape in an accident, fire, submersion.
* Safety Blade Seat Belt Cutter quickly cuts seat belts to free drivers and passengers
* Powerful sonic alarm signals for help with loud dB
* High Visibility Flashing Red Distress Light to signal for help.
* Limited Lifetime Guarantee

Price: $14.99.

Click for details about the Swiss Tech Bodygard .

Cool Gadgets for Women Product #3:

products like the kindle

devices like the kindlethings like the kindle

It’s the Nook, watch out! Much like the Kindle, the Barnes and Nobles Nook eBook Reader lets you read books wirelessly and well, booklessly! Again, like the Kindle, the Nook has crisp text on the screen, and has no glare or backlight. This makes it ideal to read. But unlike the Kindle, the Nook has a color touch screen. The Nook also has wifi, so if you go into a Barnes and Noble you get free wireless access. You can also view photos and play mp3’s. There is a touch screen that lets you do everything faster than with Kindle, and there is even a feature called LendME where you can share and send ebooks to your friends or family – even if they don’t have a Nook.

With all of these options, and because it’s the the same price as a Kindle, this seems like the better option. One of the Amazon reviews also notes that the rubber backing is much more comfortable to hold onto than the metal ones that Kindle’s have. Of course, I’d suggest buying a cute little cover for it, anyway. Yes, I’m SUCH a girl. A stylish one at that!

Price: $339.99.

Click for more details about the Nook. P.S. I like the JAVOedge Cherry Blossom Book Style Case for the Barnes & Noble Nook (Cocoa).

Cool Gadgets for Women Product #4:

dog reminder

cool dog gadgetsdog digital collarnew dog gadgets

We love our dogs so much, and here’s a nifty gadget to help make sure that an entire family can take care of the dog together. Sometimes it’s tricky to know if someone else has fed the dog,  given it its meds, or taken the dog out. But with the Dog-E-Minder all of those problems clear right up! It’s being called a pet assistant, and it really is as though your dog had a secretary that followed it everywhere. What it is, is a device with three buttons. The three buttons are: a fire hydrant (for walking), a dog bone (for feeding) and an RX symbol (for medication). When you want to record one of those activities as having happened, you just hold one of those buttons down for three seconds. This data is able to easily viewed by having any of the buttons clicked. When you aren’t using the Dog-E-Minder, it’s a digital dog tag. The waterproof, durable device attaches easily to your dogs collar.

“Perfect to use as a training aid, or as a reminder for busy pet owners, multi-pet homes, and pet sitters/walkers, peace of mind awaits you with your pet’s new best friend: The Dog-e-Minder!” It’s been said that even kids can use this simple device. And it certainly can ease worries. This means doggy won’t be accidentally fed three times a night!Which is maybe bad news for the dog. Sorry, pooch! My only concern would be whether it’s comfortable for the dog to wear.

Price: $19.99.

Click for more details about the Dog-E-Minder.

Cool Gadgets for Women Product #5:

digital greeting cards

photo cardphoto cards

Can a birthday card ever be a birthday gift? It can if it’s the Pandigital PANCARD03B Photo Greeting Card. It’s a greeting card that lets you include a digital photo collection inside of it. For each pack, you get three of your selected theme (Birthday, Holiday, or General). It can hold up to 50 photos. This is a much more sentimental card to give than just singing your name. At least if all you want to do is sign your name, you’ll have put forth enough effort with the pictures for the recipient to know you actually care. Sometimes pictures really can say much more than words. And who ever knows what to write on those cards, anyway?

Price: $34.99.

Click for details on the Birthday Pack. General Pack. Holiday Pack.

Amish crossing, please!

Amish crossing, please!

By CloudSoup.

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