Five Beautiful Concept Teapots with Feminine Allure

by on Monday, January 10th, 2011

Despite the fact that I’m not a tea drinker, I love beautiful teapots. We’ve always had teapots in my house growing up, and everyone but my Dad and I use them. One “interesting” tea pot that we have is one that I made in 7th grade. I was pretty proud of it, it was painted a bright, happy blue, and the theme was the night sky – so there were stars and fireflies. Well, one of my sister’s broke off the nose of the teapot, but my Mom refuses to throw it out – to this day. I think she’d have liked to glue and fix it, but she may have lost the “nose” part.

Anyway. There was one teapot I saw in a catalog recently that I wanted to share a picture of with you guys. But then I decided I could find at least five beautiful teapots all with concepts. So that’s what I’ve done! Voila.

French Garden Flowers Teapot and Cup – Pink Roses and Butterflies by Dolls Unlimited Omaha: Click Here / I love that the cup fits into the stand to create a larger display. And yes, I’m a sucker for the French words.

Swan Shaped Teapot by Pier 1: Click Here / It’s dishwasher and microwavable safe, but the biggest selling point is that it’s a gorgeous white swan! I suppose you cold also say it’s a goose, and then tell your kids they’re going to have tea with Mother Goose. Or would they resent you forever for lying? Hmm.

Paul Cardew “Alice in Wonderland” Teapot 18oz by Cardew “Alice in Wonderland” Series: Click Here / You’d think it’d be so expensive, but it’s not. And it’s such a beautiful teapot! I didn’t even think to look for Alice in Wonderland Teapots, but I found one by chance. I’d really just put it on a shelf for display.

Victorian Garden Tea Party – Pink Flower Teapot & Cup by Dolls Unlimited Omaha: Click Here / It’s pink and black and romantic all over. The feminine side of me simply cannot resist.

Pink Rose Teapot from Pier 1: Click Here / This is the teapot that inspired me to write this post. It’s so, so beautiful! My Aunt once had a teapot that was a bunny, only the entire bunny was made out of pieces of (porcelain) vegetables. She also had a lettuce and white bunny teapot and plates. (She loved rabbits and bunnies!) Another teapot I remember fondly is one that my Granny had – which was of a white and orange cat with an orange goldfish. Someone has uploaded a picture of one on Livejournal, which I shall link you to.

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