Pic: Benjamin Moore ‘Shenendoah’ on my Bedroom Walls

by on Friday, February 11th, 2011

Ready to see one of the best green paint colors for a bedroom?

Turns out, Benjamin Moore “Shenandoah Taupe” is a very popular color. Well, I didn’t go for neutrals when it came time to pick a paint color for my bedroom. I decided to go for greens and banish the white walls to whiteonia! The green color I settled on was “Shenendoah.” I think this qualifies as one of the best Benjamin Moore green paint color that there are. It’s a green-blue, so it’s not a traditional green by any means.

Now, I already had white walls and didn’t even have to prime them or give them more than one coat. But even so, the paint turned out darker than anticipated. The color is darker than what was on the website. Even so, I do like it. It makes me feel comfy, like I’m in a little garden cottage. I like the design idea of 60/30/10 where you break up your colors into those percentages. The dominant colors in my bedroom right now are greens, yellows and creams. I think it might be nice to use a nice rose color for some warmth, although I know any purple would also pair nicely. I could also bring out a gold tone in the room, although I’m not sure how well that’d work with the silver accents I also have (TV, candle holders, etc.)

Green paint colors for a bedroom are great, because I researched lots of color theory and green is restoring and renewing. It’s a calm color. I didn’t want just an out-and-out green, which is why I went for a green that has some blue in it. The one thing I didn’t anticipate was that some items hung on the walls would clash in color, or not show up if they were dark brown or black. So, keep that in mind. I am hopefully going to buy some curtains that are something in a yellow or light green, whereas before I was going to buy chocolate brown velvet type curtains. I’m very glad I waited.

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