Alphabet Photography is Great for the “What Gift Do I Give?” Question

by on Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

When I think about alphabet art, my mind immediately gallops back to being in elementary school and seeing the cardboard posters that lined the top of the ceiling with the alphabet. Sometimes they’d be cutsey, and letters would be turned into shapes or have little faces. But even at a young age, I recognized that they were not very stylish – they were cheesy.

But, fast forward a couple years (okay, maybe more than just a couple) and I’ve found a new way to appreciate alphabet art. And this time it’s not cheesy at all. It’s frame-worthy!

I came across Alphabet Photography and was very interested in what they do because it’s so beautifully artistic. And if you want to bring this beauty into your home – you’re in luck. You can!  Jennifer Blakeley and her husband run the Alphabet Photography company with a few other invested individuals up in gorgeous Niagara Falls, Ontario. (I will see the falls sometime, I will!)

What Jennifer did was collect unique photographs where each photo shows an unstaged object looking uncannily like a letter of the alphabet. The company uses these letters to create wonderful art appreciated all over the globe. Even celebrities like Ryan Seacrest are fans (and we know he has good style.) Other celebrity fans of the work include Adam Lambert from American Idol, Actor (the Dad on Smallville) John Schneider, Weatherman from The Today Show Al Roker, singer Nelly Furtado, and wrestler Trish Stratus.

There are lots of letters for capitals and lowercase, so you can create exactly the image you want. What I mean is, there is more than one lower-case “a” – get it? Options, yay! It’s a really great way to tailor this inspirational gift. And I say inspirational, because while you can use names of people or anything else, you can use inspirational words and phrases like “Smile” or “Dream.”

From the site:

Welcome to the home of the original Alphabet® Photography inspired by the book Alphabet City. Alphabet® Photography is the process of taking photos of everyday objects that resemble letters of the alphabet, then arranging the pictures together to create your very own personalized letter photo art. Our Alphabet Pictures make a unique addition to any home decor, and our inspirational alphabet art makes a great gift for any occasion or add your own photographs to our Inspirational Photo Collage Frames.

Jennifer has a keen eye, and I love that we can benefit from this with the wonderful items Alphabet Photography offers. You can create your own word, buy an inspirational frame, get a calender, purchase a poster, or get a word framed. The price points vary – down to $20 and upwards from there.

I received a Plaqued with Frame item with the word “Peace.” It was wrapped securely  just the way you’d hope – with lots of bubble wrap (that I will re-use for storing or packing something else – go green!) I think it’s just wonderful the way Jennifer found an “E” in railroad tracks, an “A” in a beautiful window, and a “P” on a wooden park bench. It really makes me re-examine the way I look at items all over the place. You just need to open up your imagination and third eye to see more than what you expect.

The photographs are taken and presented, not in basic black and white, but in a sepia tone. It has a smooth black matte and polished black frame. It’s perfect to hang anywhere, even over doorways (if you have enough room.)

Alphabet letter photographs are basically – just wonderful! They are a great new addition to any wall in your house or apartment. These are of high-quality and you’re happy when you open a box and find this beautiful gift awaiting you – ready to hang and beautify any room.

Now, I just have to decide where I want to hang my “Peace” photograph. I like the idea of peace, because I am very big on trying to bring inner peace to my chaotic mind of stresss. Constant reminders of helpful mantras like “peace” are always helpful. It’s the little things like this that really do help. So

While I do like the word “Peace” – I don’t like it when it’s on a generic-looking poster or picture, which is why this is why Alphabet Photography is so great. It’s a word that’s gotten cliche but it’s been re-invented in this presentation. And the images used for the letters let my mind wander to find peace in this pictures. And after a while, you’re starting to think about peace, and you’re breathing slower, and you remember to find beauty in tiny moments of your day. See, it’s so much more than you thought it was!

This is an impressive piece of art, and people keep asking me about it (it’s not hanging on a wall yet, just on a table until I, the crazy perfectionist, pick the perfect spot.) And it makes me glad to know that people think I have good taste – hehe!

Something fun on their site is similar to (if you’ve ever had a need for finding fonts, you’ve probably been there.) They let you type out the word you want, and see how it would look. An then if you don’t like a certain letter, you can pick another variation of that letter. You can do that right here. I could get lost just looking at all of the different ways Jennifer has photographed an “S.” These photographs have an unique magical quality about it.

Here’s a word I created:

Any of these items would be perfect as gifts, especially for housewarming, wedding, or engagement parties. I would file this under best gifts for newlyweds, best gifts for brides, best gifts for housewarming parties and best gifts for new home owners. (Because they want to celebrate their new house/dwelling!) Check out all of the options and alphabet letter pictures  at Alphabet Photography.

Disclosure: I received a product to review, but was not compensated in any other way for my opinion.

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