What would Rachel Berry Wear? GLEE Fashion

by on Saturday, February 26th, 2011

What would Rachel Berry wear? We are pretty sure we know, since we’re such major Gleeks. If you think you also know, please feel free to link to your own ideas from your blogs, Polyvore, or uploaded images to TinyPic.com or Photobucket.com (etc.) Glee love is for everyone!

In the meantime, let me know what you think about my outfit. I know I forgot to show some sort of little white cardigan that she’d need, but otherwise I’m pretty proud! I love the bright colors and the saddle shoes that have a slight heel. Singer Jenny Lewis wore a pair similar to these once!

The silver bracelet is especially cool because it’s from Foxy Originals (whom I loooove) and the words say “Dreams come true.” That seems very Berry, dontcha think? She’s always positive!

what would rachel berry wear

  1. Textured Holly Sea Foam Jacket | Fred Flare $88.00: Here
  2. Lakefront Property Floral Dress | Mod Cloth $59.99: Here
  3. Roxy Havilland Hot Pink Textured Tights | Zappos $17.60 on sale: Here
  4. El Naturalista Duna N521 Maryjane Shoes | Zappos $170.00: Here
  5. Dream Come True Bracelet | Foxy Originals $24.00: Here
  6. Flip Notes Memopad w/ Pink & Green Argyle Pen | Amazon $9.99: Here

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