Vampire Diaries Style Guide for Bonnie Bennett

by on Friday, December 3rd, 2010

On The Vampire Diaries, Katerina Graham plays Bonnie Bennett, a burgeoning witch. The TVD costume designer has referred to Bonnnie’s style as that of a modern flower child, citing that Free People is a great label when looking for clothing for that character. Well, as a boho luxe enthusiast, I was flipping through a Free People Catalog that I’d kept for inspiration and decided to do a spotlight on some items that are in stores right now that would fit Bonnie’s style excellently. So, if you have Bennett style ambitions, this would be a good – nay – great place to start.

bonnie bennett style

vampire diaries clothing

Here’s Bonnie in the Free People Run Free Flare Dress. Click Here

vampire diaries fashion

This hoodie glove will give you the pop of color you need to inspire some happiness when everywhere around you is winter white and sludgey. Plus, these are functional as they let you slip your fingers free. Click Here

vampire diaries dresses

This Free People dress is something I could easily see Bonnie wearing during the holiday’s. (‘Cause they’ve gotta have more parties, right?) It’s a notch above the boring little black dress. Pair it with a cardigan if you get cold – either black or something like a spicy mustard yellow for a dollop of fun. Click Here

vampire diaries coats

“In the Trenches” Knit Jacket is so freaking flipping flapping adorable! I’m pretty sure Caroline would want to steal this. Hell, I obviously want to steal it. It also comes in white, but that’s almost a little too precious, maybe. I like how the military green is so opposite of the ruffle action. I’ve never seen G.I. Jane...but it does make me want to go watch one of those Charlie’s Angels movies!  Click Here

vampire diaries boots

Reminding me of great 90’s style shoes, these Free People Platform Boots are KILLER. Ungh. Aren’t they just amazing? I want to stomp and stut in them like one of those America’s Next Top Model chicks. Click Here

vampire diaries jewelry

I would like a million of these Sparrow Hair combs to give to everyone on my Christmas list. Click Here

vampire diaries clothes

This Cozy Fireside sweater is perfect to wear every single day. I mean, you can’t, because then it’d be dirty, and what about all of your other clothes? I just mean to say that this sweater is SO awesome I’d gladly want to wear it every day. (Also available in black)  Click Here

vampire diaries dress

If I could marry a dress, this would be one of my prime picks. It looks like it’s cut to fit you really well, meaning I’d always feel an ego boost when I wore it, knowing I looked good. You can accessorize it so many ways: long cardigan, chunky rings, tall boots, funky tall socks…  Click Here

Another brand that I think Bonnie would love is DownEast Basics. The clothing is right up her alley of floral-gypsy-simple-pretty-interesting kinds of things.

vampire diaries tops

This is a crazy affordable top – just $24 – with very cool boho touches. I love it in this color that is called “gull.” Click Here

This unique cardigan is a simple and beautiful heirloom-looking piece. I could imagine Bonnie getting it from Gram. It’s also offered in black, but the detail doesn’t show up as much unless you get the pumice stone white! Click Here

vampire diaries jacket

There are Free People jackets similar to this one, but this one is much less expensive. Always stylish, this jacket is a WIN. Click Here

Hold up there! For more fun pieces like this check out our archive of: Dress like a TV Character

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