The Vampire Diaries: Katherine’s Dress in ‘Masquerade’

by on Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

In the 7th episode of The Vampire Diaries season 2, Elena (or Katherine*) is wearing a black dress that I think some fans might want to track down. So, we have some options for Elena’s dress (edit: Katherine’s dress) in “Masquerade.”

*It was revealed in promos after I wrote this, that it IS indeed Katherine Pierce. A ha!

The dress is black, formfitting, (looks short), has a sweetheart neckline, two spaghetti straps, and black applique all over the sheath dress. Another way to get a similar look is to find a black sheath dress with black lace over it.It has a built-in belt to it that defines Nina Dobrev’s waist.

Four dress suggestions:

Mikael Aghal black sateen rosette detail cocktail dress:

Shumaq black lace ‘carmencita’ dress:

Lace One Shoulder Dress:

Sugarhill Boutique Black Lace Dress:

Notte by Marchesa Black Lace Sheath Dress:

Which of the four dresses do you like the best? The last dress actually looks a lot better on an actual model, which you’ll see if you click that link. It’s surprisingly sexy. The one above it is very pretty and not as expensive as the others, but I think it’s maybe less sexy than Katherine’s dress. SHRUG. It’s still romantic.

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